Sunday, July 21, 2019

"I Received the Most Ridiculous Community Guidelines Strike": a pliability of the meaning of "hate speech"

“Computing Forever” describes a YouTube community guidelines strike he got for “hate speech” (“I Received the Most Ridiculous Community Guidelines Strike”).

The offending December 2018 video is mirrored in Bitchute and is called “British Film Institute Succumbs to Political Correctness”, here.   The video reports that the BFI is backing an “I am not your villain” campaign by not funding films will villains having facial deformities.
Jordan Peterson had gone into this area recently with a video where he talked about Captain Hook in Peter Pan.

The campaign in Britain had apparently been directed at a perception that people with visible deformities are more likely to behave as villains.  I have never heard of the impulse before that such an idea is taken seriously.  (Although back in the 1950s, my own father would make comments about people he saw on emerging television and then in public that expressed that sentiment with respect to obesity, for example.) 

But logically the “offending” video simply criticizes a policy that tries to discourage funding a film that might goad some viewers into believing such a notion.  The speech in the video, taken at face value and read logically, does not literally mean that such persons are purported to be “evil”.

But, as with reporting legitimate livestreamed news content, YouTube has recently had trouble with content that is “embedded” inside other content that provides a larger context, the concept that foreign languages express with a “subjunctive mood” (as formally conjugated verbs) which English cannot do as well without context.

There are associated issues today with casting, where the lack of casting of minorities in a film might be interpreted as hostility by some;  on the other hand, casting a cis person in a trans role (which is less common to start with) is seen as wrong by some.

He makes a comment about Section 230 of the CDA and claims that YouTube is behaving like a "publisher" rather than a utility. 

Would "The Joker" be an acceptable character in BFI's code?  (Unfortunately that's who James Holmes thought he was in 2012.)
The voice in the Bitchute value sounds like that of Black Pigeon.
YouTube is supposed to be warning creators the first time before issuing strikes, but this does not seem to be happening.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Well, do you really need to overthrow "Capitalism" with a "Revolution"?

American Johnson and his Non Comepete channel present ”A Beginner's Guide to Overthrowing Capitalism".  The narrator calls himself Conrad Cornelius Farnum, and then as “Professor Carrot”.

You wonder if this is a spoof, as the tone sounds like that of a 50s propaganda movie.

He does talks about “mass line” and “dual power structures”.

He first debates “incrementalism” or “reform” as opposed to “revolution”.

But for all the talk of comradeship and collective identity, the process still sounds incremental. He barely mentions Antifa. 
It’s interesting that he mentions “Pink Pistols” as an oppressed people’s group as it is actually a libertarian gay rights 2nd Amendment rights group.

Monday, July 08, 2019

"'Demand Free Speech' Meets 'All Out DC'"; Subverse makes a short film about the confrontations in Washington DC July 6, 2019

“’Demand Free Speech’ Meets ‘All Out DC’: Confrontations and Conversations”, a 15 minute film from OnSubverse about the demonstrations in Freedom Plaza and Pershing Park at 14th St and Pennsylvania Ave NW on Saturday afternoon, July 6, 2019.

The film comprises video licensed from Ford Fischer and News2Share.

But the film also interviews participants from both sides and shows some conflict.  There is some more explicit conflict showing arrests and fighting on the version of this material, which is longer (and not censored for YouTube community standards).

At some point, you get the impression that the Leftist or Antifa or “All Out DC” factions are well into collective thinking and personalization, and sometimes make characterizations of other people being fascist or supremacist when factually they are not.

On the other hand, a lot of the time, the "right wing" presence for "DemandFreeSpeech" seemed rather harmless and rather silly, like seeing Milo Yiannopoulos in drag. You're left wanting to go back and watch videos on gay male personal "body fascism" which some people imagine eventually has political consequences. 

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

"All Out DC": Community meeting in advance of July 4 weekend demonstrations make some pretty graphic accusations

All Out DC”, characterized as a DC Antifa group, held a session at a restaurant in Adams Morgan in Washington DC July 2.  Ford Fischer of News2Share (a company he and Trey Yingst started while journalism undergraduates at American University in Washington DC) was invited to film the raw footage of their planning session. The group's meme is "It's going down". 

The meeting embeds a short film about the various components of the alt-right, who will hold a “Free Speech” rally in Washington July 6.  This group will have a counter-presence. The short film is followed by slides characterizing various persons commonly believed to be part of the alt-right and sometimes called “white supremacists” or “neo-Nazis”.

In presenting the video as an embed, I want to remind viewers that this is a one-sided presentation. 

The facts claimed about various individuals may not all be actually true. Generally, when I go to the writings or videos of these individuals, I don’t find these extreme statements.  (Milo’s book is quite a reasonable read.)  But if I go to Wikipedia, generally the articles support most of what they say. From the legal viewpoint of sticking to truth (to avoid defamation), finding the truth is difficult.  It gets to be whose side you are on.

The supposed connection of OANN anchor Jack Posobiec to Pizzagate as presented is disturbing. OANN is a small, conservative news site but its content is entirely within the norms of acceptable news articles. What seems to happen is that statements made by various persons named here in the protest sound just like normal (if hyperbolic) “conservative” speech to people of my generation and are pretty much ignored or taken at face value – we have become desensitized or immune and don’t feel provoked when we hear the speech.  Unstable people take them stochastically and might feel incited into unpredictable violent behavior, as with the Comet PingPong incident in December 2016.

The speakers definitely see everything through identarianism and intersectionality, and they identify as group members (PoC, etc) as much as they identify themselves as individuals. I generally don’t process themselves that way.

There is also a moral question for individuals, like in my situation, of accountability for unearned “privilege”.  Inherited wealth may imply privilege, but it usually comes with strings attached.  As Mitch McConnell said in front of the Senate, not a person alive today is responsible for what slaveowners did before the Civil War.

News2Share lost monetization from YouTube on June 5.  YouTube’s sudden demonetization of most independently produced videos dealing with political conflict (brand safe) seems to be related to the claims that YouTube is making money off of radicalization (particularly on the extreme Right). Tim Pool and David Pakman  (as well as Ford) have both discussed this problem extensively.

I'll take up the situation of Andy Ngo, a journalist badly injured when caught in a brawl in Portland OR recently, soon on another blog. 
If you want to watch some good “Left wing” stuff, try the NonCompete channel with American Johnson. It’s actually interesting.

Friday, June 28, 2019

"Could a Solar Superflare Destroy the World?": Joe Scott says the risk is less than other pundits warn

Joe Scott asks “Could a Solar Superflare Destroy the World?”  (June 24, 2019, recent) 

Scott, who lives in Texas, gives a rather alarming account of the Carrington Event in 1859, which caused auroras as far south as where he lives.

He also says that they are dangerous for astronauts, and would have been on the Moon with a proton stream had they been there for about ten days in 1972.

He talks about the Quebec power outage in 1989, which was about one-third the strength of a Carrington event.

He says our near miss in July 2012 might have cut power for months as far south as Washington DC.
Yet he says, inexplicably, that were it to happen today it would be less of a big deal.  Is our infrastructure in 2019 better hardened?

Extreme solar storms have been presented by Ted Koppel and others as comparable to an EMP thermonuclear high altitude E3 event, but probably they are less severe.
One thing in our favor is that the Sun is an older star, and our magnetic field is on Earth is quite strong.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tim Pool does a video on the EMP threat (after I suggest it that morning in a long comment)

Tim Pool took up my suggestion that he do a video on the #EMP threat the same day that I suggested it on a long comment on another video about possible war with Iran.

The title is “You Don’t Have What It Takes to Survive the Coming Apocalypse.  Do You? Or Do You?”

Pool now has a van with solar power and can move around and broadcast.  He says solar power might keep some cell towers up.

Pool also denies that he is a doomsday prepper.

The threats are varied:  A fission high altitude weapon produces largely an E1; a fusion, an E3;  microwave fluxes that the military has can do E1;  extreme solar storms like Carrington do E3.  We apparently had a narrow miss in 2012/ 

The video uses a Fox News video by Doug MacKinnon June 22.  I have trouble getting 403’s if I link to Fox from here, so I will link to my Tweet that also editorializes.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Milo distances himself from alt-right in important interview video

“Milo on the Alt-Right and Anti-Semitism”, on the AskDrBrown channel.

Milo considers the “alt-right” as simply a reaction to the extreme Left. Mainstream conservatism does not radicalize people.  He doesn’t think that Donald Trump does (although the way people behave at his rallies makes me wonder).

Milo attacks the propensity of the radical Left to assume “guilt by association”.  He implies he is not responsible for radicalizing people just because people think the Proud Boys do that (and even that is not a very reliable presumption).

Milo also says he is matrolinearly Jewish even though raised Catholic. He also makes the point that the Holocaust is not "real" to younger generations the way it is to mine.
I was hoping he would refer to the 2016 Atlantic article (previous post). 

I don't know if Milo was speaking from Miami or from London, but he is supposed to speak at a free speech rally in Washington DC July 6.