Thursday, April 21, 2011

YouTube videos from Russia claim to show real "aliens", aka Roswell

“Aliensweb” has some intriguing YouTube videos, some with translation from Russian, “Dead Alien Found in UFO Hotspot in Russia”  and also (on the right column)  “Alien Filmed Live on TV in UFO Hotpsot”.  That’s Russian TV.  That second video has an amorphous form sneaking up on the speaker. Paranormal activity.

The first film reminds me of the Roswell "alien autopsy" often shown on cable in the 1990s. 

A “UFO Hotspot” is not a wireless hotspot.

I suppose the Hollywood movie that comes closest is the remake of H.G. Wells's story “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning in 2005 from Steven Speilberg and Paramount.  Unfortunately, it was shot “flat” (without Cinemascope, even though the previews had been shown “with”). The premise that ordinary Earth germs would end the battle is valid. The film really has an impressive beginning with the invasion – as convincing as “Skyline” or “Battle LA”.

I still think that if an alien invasion ever happened, it would start with an EMP blast at high altitude. Scenarios like “The Event” on NBC sound very improbable.  Sofia, however, is a convincing “villainess”. 

Pictures (above, below): If extraterrestrials invaded our discos, we would be too sinful to notice. They would blend in, or seem like the Stars to dance with.  (Don't worry about #1; it's "artificial".)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations: Len Horowitz" DVD

The DVD “Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations: Len Horowitz” (NSI/"New Science Ideas", 2004) has author Leonard G. Horowitz explaining his book “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?”, Amazon link here.  The DVD actually has two lectures (the first is split, with the last part about vaccines at the end of the film; some of the lecture material dates to 1997).

Horowitz maintains that the viruses were developed in the 1970s and tested intentionally by introducing them into vaccines, especially Hepatitis B.  He says that the first AIDS cases occurred in New York City in 1978 (which comports with an unusual incident that happened when I was living there the spring of that year).  He provides an almost witty discussion of the enzyme reverse transcriptase, which he sees as a perversion of the way life is built from DNA and then RNA.  He mentions the now little known HTLV-I leukemia virus (HIV was originally called HTLV-III).

He opens his first lecture with some discussion of Florida dentist David J. Acer (died 1990), who was claimed to have transmitted HIV to five of his patients. Horowitz claims that this was intentional, in order to implicate the government.

The second lecture gets into dicey territory, as he claims a link between eugenics and the Genome Project, and makes many other supposed links between vaccines and neo-Nazi agenda. He also talks about the "Rockefeller complex." 

He mentions a connection between pharmaceutical companies and Uganda, quite chilling given recent events.

Howowitz also has a film “In Lies we Trust” on YouTube (not on Netflix as far as I can tell), which I will look in to.

He says that he is a Jew converted "simultaneously" to Christianity (so was composer Gustav Mahler).

I took the Hepatitis B vaccine in 1982 (three shots then) and never became HIV+.

There was no mention of the "controversy" over vaccines and autism. 

Note: Robert Preston's "The Hot Zone" is reviewed on the Books Blog Dec. 11, 2009.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

"Source Code": a fantastic premise, and a dire warning

The thriller “Source Code”, opening this weekend, has the look of a French art movie rather than a big-budget Hollywood epic, however much the premise may remind one of “Inception”.  From indie distributor Summit Entertainment (quite an enterprising company, in direct competition with Lionsgate) and French Canadian company Vendome and director Duncan Jones, it (shot 1:85:1 but for digital projection) focuses on closeups and repeated CGI shots of various places along Chicago’s commuter rail routes, as well as the inside of a government lab – actually shot mostly in Montreal and sponsored by Quebec film.

The premise, however, is indeed a warning. A lone wolf terrorist (not part of Al Qaeda, apparently) has planted devices on a commuter train, as a warm-up to a “radiological dispersion device” on Chicago’s Loop.  The film shows the device, and that part of the premise sounds more believable than ever. (The only big threat it didn’t mention is EMP.)

The story, however, is something else.  A helicopter pilot (character played by a robust and clean-cut Jake Gyllenhaal) is shot down in Afghanistan, his body bisected, and his brain is immediately preserved in a CIA lab so that he can be programmed through “the source code” to enter a simulation of the train explosion and find the “culprit” and prevent the second device from going off.  The scientists say that it’s not time travel, but “time reassignment”.  From the viewpoint of physics, the premise would seem to violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics, because entropy cannot be reversed.
Other reviewers say that the film reuses an old premise, as from “Groundhog Day” and even an episode of “Supernatural”, as well as Sony’s recent indie sci-fi hit “Moon” (Movies Blog, July 10, 2009).
There are some interesting “mini-drama” situations, such as when Gylenhaal’s character “follows” another suspect at a commuter station, and the other man asks “are you following me?”

Here is Summit's official site
Michio Kaku discusses the movie and the idea of extracting information from parallel universes.

Is the “source code” and example of “Open source”?

I saw the film at a Regal in downtown DC, half full in a big auditorium (in Verizon Center, a few blocks from Landmark).  I almost got pickpocketed going to the Gallery Plac Metro station (a tag team involving a fake homeless person). “They missed.”  But "see something, say something".  I told the Transit cops immediately.