Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PBS Frontline questions the FBI's conclusions in the Anthrax Letters

On Tuesday Oct. 11, PBS Frontline aired the one-hour report “The Anthrax Files”  in conjunction with McClathcy Pro Publica, link (website url) here

The report plays devil’s advocate with the FBI’s evidence against Bruce Ivins and the DNA evidence in a particular flask, and says that a report from the National Academy of Sciences weakens the FBI’s claim. This aspect of the reporting did not occur in the CNN version (Oct. 2).  Here is the link for the Committee on Science, Technology and Law.  Also, the PBS version presents non-alarming reasons why Ivins could have been working alone so many hours at night, although it's interesting to me that some of the heaviest hours were logged just before 9/11. 

The PBS report also spent more space on an earlier “person of interest”, including the draining of a pond only to find a turtle trap.

US Assistant Attorney Rachel Lieber still insists that the confluence of all the evidence would have justified prosecution and conviction of Ivins.

But if the case against Ivins is not all that air-tight in retrospect, the real killer could still be out there. 

Update: Oct. 21

Check out the NY Times editorial "Who mailed the anthrax letters", here. This does not seem to be quite ready to be called a "case closed".

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