Saturday, August 10, 2013

NBC Washington: "Storm Team 4: Tracking Summer": a smaller discussion of severe weather

NBC4 (NBC Washington) ran a meteorology special Saturday morning,  August 10, 2013, “Storm Team 4: Tracking Summer”, a thirty minute show somewhat in the spirit of a longer show on competitor station WJLA 7 reported here on June 21 on “Surviving Severe Weather”.

Much of the show was broadcast from a NASA laboratory facility in Greenbelt, MD, NE of Washington DC. 

There was a demonstration of a wind tunnel, and a statement that most people cannot walk in a wind gust of greater than 80 mph.

There was a segment on lightning safety, and an anecdote of a man caught in a lightning storm when on the Chesapeake Bay.  

There was some explanation of hurricanes develop, but no explanation as to why they move in the wrong direction, East to West.

There was no real discussion of the monster tornadoes in Oklahoma earlier this year, or of similar ones in Joplin MO or Tuscaloosa, AL. 
The only real web  reference seemed to be here

NBC4 local broadcasts tend to be a little more alarming when severe storms approach than similar broadcasts on WJLA.  But I have found that usually WJLA has more detailed information in terms of radar, blog posts, and NOAA analysis, particularly when unusually unstable air does build up east of the Appalachians.  

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