Thursday, August 10, 2017

"How Japan Is Preparing for North Korean Threats" (HBO)

HBO and Vice News offer a short film, “How Japan Is Preparing for North Korean  Threats”.

There is an elementary school drill, and then some demonstration of bunkers for sale for $200,000 each, which contain hand pumped air filters.  The shelters would be good for two weeks.

Picture of Hiroshima memorial by HKT3012 under CCSA 4.0. 

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Vox offers video: "What Happens When ISIS Fails?"

Vox has produced a short film (7:30) by Sam Elllis, “What Happens When ISIS Fails?”

The film does go into the issue of fighter (sometimes whole families) returning  after ISIS loses all its territory that it had claimed as an unrecognized “state”.  Many return with very radical views, and many were recruiting by slickly produced media on the Internet, and then processed subsequently on the Dark Web.

The video above on YouTube asks “What’s It Like to Fight for the Islamic State?”

Wikipedia attribution link for Qayyarah fighting near Mosul, by Chernov, CCSA 4.0.