Wednesday, December 06, 2017

"America Lights Out": Christian group expands on Ted Koppel's expose of EMP threat

There are a lot of YouTube videos ought there now predicting that North Korea can kill 90% of the US population with a thermonuclear EMP attack.   I do see some Fox vides at least six months old addressing North Korea’s possible EMP threat, so the recent article last week may not be as surprising.

VFNTv appears to be a conservative evangelical Christian media group. I won’t get into theology, but at least their 24 minute film put up in mid November makes “America Lights Out” does a respectable job of referencing Ted Koppel’s 2015 book “Lights Out” (Book reviews Nov. 10, 2015).

An E1 attack (which can be done with a smaller fission device or even non-nuclear microwave flux) sounds more likely than the thermonuclear E3. 

The US might be able to knock out a lot of North Korea’s missile capability with its own stealth microwave weapons, but the North Korean infrastructure seems to be largely hidden and underground (maybe with Faraday shields).
But we still don’t see the major “mainstream” news broadcasting channels (including CNN and Vox) quite ready to discuss this threat openly yet.  That needs to change.