Monday, July 16, 2018

"Trump Bites": animated short film from NYTimes resembles a YouTube gay kissing video

Here’s a 3-part short animated film by the New York Times, “Trump Bites”. One part of it is "Trump and Putin: A Love Story". 
The main link for all three episodes is here. Does this movie come from Annapurna Pictures? 

Twitter also has it, here.

I think it belongs on this blog to be sure. It’s rather funny to see animated video making Trump and Putin lovers like from “Next Door Mates” on YouTube. 

Putin kills journalists, even overseas. “I think our country does a lot of killing too.”  Sure, ask David Hogg.
Putin, by the way, has no body hair; his chest is frankly womanish.  Otherwise the chest work in the film could matter. Yet he started it all off by supporting the Russian anti-gay propaganda law in 2013, before the Sochi olympics in 2014. "Leave the kids alone" he said.  Make sure I get enough Russian  babies is what he really meant. 

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Inside North Korea's Luxury Ski Resort (NatGeo short film with a British snowboarder)

This Is What It’s Like Inside North Korea’s Luxury Ski Resort”, narrated by Jamie Barrow (from the UK), from National Geographic and Uri Pictures (13 min), short film:.

Americans are right now forbidden to travel to the DPRK, which is just as well for me as a controversial and “dangerous” blogger who wouldn’t get out. And North Korea is a (non-Muslim) country on Trump’s Travel Ban 3.0.
But early 2017 Jamie, an accomplished skier and snowboarder (rather like Shaun White) got to go from England via a visit to China first. The film, however, for the first half, focuses mostly on Pyongyang and the guided tour, and the isolated hotel (where Warmbier got in trouble);  the privileged class in this hyper-Communist (actually fascist monarchy) state enjoys luxury with not many people around.  The film shows an unusual wide-screen array of the city and the journey to the ski resort, which is luxurious but isolated, with few people around.
Jamie was actually expected to place flowers at a monument to the glory of their leader Kim Jong Un (or maybe his deceased father).
I can remember during Basic Training in the Army, feeling a little envy for those in “power”.
Wikipedia attribution link for photo by Laika Ac, CCSA 2.0.