Thursday, October 31, 2019

"Evergreen State Is Caught in Racial Turmoil" (VICE/HBO from 2017)

Campus Argument Goes Viral As Evergreen State Is Caught In Racial Turmoil” (HBO, 2017), a rereported by Vice News.

The anger and apparent “authoritarian” anger of the students at the professor is striking.  The professor says he is not allowed to go to the bathroom unescorted.

On Aug. 11, 2017 (one day before Charlottesville), the Huffington Post (admittedly left-leaning) ran “Another Side of the Evergreen StateCollege Story” with the subtitle “10 realities about the campus tumult that are being ignored”, by Anne Fischel, Zoltan Grossman, and Lin Nelson.

The article discusses reported police misconduct, right-wing threats at the campus, and gives its own take on reverse racism and free speech (and hate speech).  
There is a lot to process here, in the detail.  Maybe another detailed post later.

Monday, October 21, 2019

"How to Radicalize a Normie": Innuendo Studios describes how immature young men stumble in their need to belong to a winning tribe

“The Alt-Right Playbook: How to Radicalize a Normie”, from Innuendo Studios. (See March 22, 2019 for an earlier episode.)

The film claims that “the neo-Nazis went online in 2013”. They dissolved as physical organizations and attracted anonymous followers like “Gabe”, a disaffected white boy who was bullied and not done well in life. Incels may be vulnerable.  Gabe went on a diet of isolated indoctrination without becoming part of a cell. The film claims to account for how lone wolves develop.

This theory can be challenged.  Tim Pool has argued that extremism in the physical world can be harder to track than when online, although offline there is no reliable way to know how is influenced in this decentralized manner.  (The supposed Cornell study has been criticized for jumping to conclusions). Here, the speaker says that Charlottesville was an attempt to return to an organized group from the vagueness of the online world.

The narrator goes into peeling the layers of the “Onion”.  In the meantime, Gabe has only a diet of people like him and has no “para-personal” relations with PoC or persons different from him.
Pewdiepie gets mentioned at least once.

The flavors of conservatism are gradual and insidious, according to the narrative.

At 22:00 there is a panel showing various conservative speakers like Sargon of Akkad, Watsonm etc. but none of these speakers actually advocate extremism as we are used to viewing it in the past.  They are just disinterested in “minorities”. Later Milo’s face appears.

The film has an epilepsy warning for one passage with flashing lights.
The film was mentioned by Carlos Maza today in a tweet.  At the end, Caleb is shown as a young man who was able to exit on his own (Caleb appeared on David Pakman – but his “radicalization” really was mild.

Picture: Mine (from Houghton, MI, recent vacation) 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Saddle Ridge Fire in north Los Angeles unusually dangerous for closer-in residential areas, it appears

The Saddle Ridge Fire in the San Fernando Valley seems to be approaching major urban population centers much more so than the wildfires of the past years.  ABC News has a "film" right off the press. 

NBC News has a major narrative story.The fire has destroyed 7500 acres, or about 12 square miles.

Google locates the map here

The area is along I-5, just north of 118 and I-405.  It’s about 7 miles north of Van Nuys, were I know people, and about 10 miles from the intersection of the 101 and 405 (which is where I think Reid Ewing filmed “Traffic Jam” in 2012).  I stayed on the southern part of the 405, near Santa Monica Blvd, in 2012.

The Atlantic weighs in with a story by Robinson Meyer, "This is what adapting to climate change looks like." Oct 11, 2019. 

Sunday, October 06, 2019

"Should We Fear the Next Big Solar Storm?" New video is more optimistic toward the end

Should We Fear the Next Big Solar Storm?”, from Real Engineering (13 minutes) is a recent video that needs attention.

The film discusses a solar storm on July 19, 2012, which would have hit the Earth hard had it happened earlier.  The film then discusses the 1859 Carrington Event and 1989 storm in Quebec.

The film describes “coronal rain” on the Sun after a large event.

The film also discusses the wrapping of the Earth with out power lines, as like shielding a core.
Satellites at Lagrange Point 1 can warn us of large coronal mass ejections.

The film explains how transformers could become saturated.  We do have better electronics in the grid today that are being phased in, especially in high latitude areas that are more vulnerable.

The film, ironically, says that the mainstream media has blown the risk out of proportion, but that may be so because there are major improvements in grid stability being implemented now.  It will be interesting to see what scientist Taylor Wilson has to say about this.
Wikipedia attribution link for p.d. NASA coronal mass ejection photo of the Sun