Friday, December 27, 2019

NYTimes short film "Lieutenant of the Alt-Right", disturbing biography of "Eli Mosley"

Emma Cott and Andrew Michael Ellis, in a short film, tell the disturbing story of Elliott Kline a.k.a. Eli Mosley, as a young man who had trouble following through with anything in life (quitting an Army Reserve contract) became an “alt right” leader, in the 20 minute short film “Lieutenant of the Alt-Right”, embedded in an article “How our reporter uncovered a lie that propelled an alt-right extremist’s lie”.
Kline met Richard Spencer in Washington DC on Inauguration Day, 2017 after Spencer was sucker-punched by “Antifa”.
Kline organizes a return event in Charlottesville, for fortunately fizzles out (as did an attempt in DC in August. 2018). The other young men on the bus en route chant like zombies. Most of these men have done poorly in life because of mental health issues and sometimes economic adversity associated with "globalization" -- they are the "somewhere's" who got left behind. 

Monday, December 23, 2019

South Korean news agency films discussion about "North Korea's Christmas Gift"

Arirang, a South Korean channel, discusses the political implications of “North Korea’s Christmas Gift” (27 min)

There is a general impression that North Korea could launch an ICM test after Jan. 1.

If Trump doesn’t do anything, allies fear that other countries in the region could experience even more danger.

Later in the interview a fellow at the Stimson Center is interviewed.
The “fire and fury” in early 2017 had more fury than fire, but it got very dangerous in early 2018 before the Olympics and then calmed down, leading to the summits.

At the end, the speakers say Trump insulted others by walking away from a dinner, where deals are done in Asia.  This is "cultural diplomacy". 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

"Paleocon vs. Libertarian: Nick Fuentes vs. David Smith": what are the boundaries of acceptable "conservatism" now?

Paleocon v. Libertarian: Nick Fuentes vs. David Smith”, from RSNBH.

Fuentes says that paleoconservatism is like the Republican party of the 1920s- -- wand we know what happened in 1929.

Fuentes says he is against globalism and for nationalism and localism.  He also criticizes the libertarian idea of the “private self”.  He would maintain that the youngster (he is 21?) has to become socialized in a family unit and learn to accept the responsibility the family will give him to take his fair part in guaranteeing its stability. Homosexuality is not “normative”, well, because it can’t provide the needed babies (Russia's 2013 law).  Everyone should be capable of raising kids once grown (your sibling's if something happens.)  Not everything in life is about "choice".  
He has talked about demographic winter, and has echoed the common argument that the low birth rates in rich people risk theocratic or communist takeover of political systems in the future (the bad word here is “replacement” sometimes).  He says he wants his grandkids to look like him, which may happen in practice but which I say he has no right to demand.
Does this relate to “white nationalism” etc as a dangerous movement?  Not directly.  He is arguing that any family or self-contained community (more or less) well-established now needs stability and needs to be able to raise its future generations to take care of it.  He is arguing that young adults need to be socialized locally before they separate as “private selves”.  But the problem for the young adult will then be, he or she (or “they”) will have to deal a some point the possibility of having taken advantage of unearned privilege which others in other groups may challenge him to deal with.
The alt-right is arguing “existentially” that the domination of European society is simply a fact and a result of superior technology, maybe the result of having evolved in colder climates, and that today’s people should not be faced with forced expropriation (reparations) because of the actions of ancestors. With charity, it's "take care of your own" first.  Of course, this is rapidly becoming false:  Asian civilization seems to be surpassing “white” civilization arguably because its people are more socially disciplined.  (That wasn’t true under Maoism and it’s amazing how well China has really done.)
Not pleasant stuff.

Update:  Feb. 15, 2020

Nick Fuentes has been banned from YouTube after being demonetized.  It is not clear exactly what he said that broke the rules, but he was critical of other conservatives for not being extreme enough. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

MTV airs erratic documentary about former KKK member Shane Johnson and his deradicalization (a lot of attention to Nick)

White Supremacy Is Taking Over My Life”, a somewhat choppy documentary, aired on MTV Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 10:02 PM (61 minutes), Facebook link.  It was produced by Shane Johnson, a former KKK member, takes on current people on the far right. The film gradually tells the story of his deradicalization.  But the film is episodic.  It did not have a YouTube trailer, but this clip is related.

He interviews Nick Fuentes, who denies being a white supremacist (he has said he wants his descendants to look like him, and talks about population demographics in a separate YT interview with Milo).
Shane challenges Nick about the “1488’s” in the comments on his YouTube videos.

The film briefly presents the Charleston SC shooting, and then returns to Shane’s deprogramming. Shane says he is poorly educated because of his father’s views and is covered with tattoos which he may be finding disfiguring.

Fuentes then goes to Chicago to report on anti-gun protests.  Shane interviews Fuentes again, and Feuntes says that in the 1950s homosexuals were not seen as “normative” but as “deviant”.  They get into a semantic discussion of exactly what is a “white supremacist” when Nick’s show supposedly attracts them. This is the slippery slope (“stochastic”) problem.
At the end, Shane gets his high school GED in Tennessee.

MTV's own style gets in the way of more convincing filmmaking on what should be important material.

The YouTube channel RSNBH has a critique of the film (a "hit piece on Nick") in which Nick is shown in coverup animation. The critique wants the big corporate media companies to "die off with the Internet".

Picture: from a Civil Mar memorial park SW of Nashville, my trip, 2014 

Friday, December 06, 2019

Why WW3 will be a cyberwar first (from "Thoughty2")

This New Weapon Will Make WW3 the Most Awful in History (and it;s not nuclear)”, a 20-minute short by “Thoughty2” who seems to be Robert Stewart in the UK.

I thought this was going to be about EMP, but it turns out to be pretty much just about cyber, turning a nation’s computer infrastructure to destroy itself like autoimmune disease. Ted Koppel had covered this ground in the book “Lights Out” in 2015.  Cyber is the lowest cost mass warfare paradigm. 

He does talk about the concept of Perdix, a suite of drones controlled by soldiers in the battlefield, with their own brain and A.I.

He also, early in the video, mentions the damage that could be done by knocking out aircraft carriers.  Only the United States has a large number (11).

He considers the biggest global threats to come from China, Russia, and especially North Korea – the post-Communist world (not from radical Islam).

This is an interesting channel.