Sunday, October 17, 2021

American Carnage: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, by TRT



American Carnage: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency” by TRT, the Turkish Radio Networkn 25 min, 2021/1/25.

Covers Trump’s calls to beg and threaten Ga election officialsn and then the Capitol invasion by ordinary American gullibles said to believe in replacement.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

"The Black Swan Theory" as told by Aperture


9/11 memorial in PA

The Black Swan Theory” explained by Aperture (2021/8/13) explains Taleb’s idea with a chicken in a farm analogy (just not Andrew Neighbors’ Cast Castle West)  Unpredictable, high impact.

Financial systems make an extremistan;  natural, a medocristan.  

For gay men, HIV created a Black Swan not foreseeable in 1978, my last year in NYC. But urban educated gay men were safer from Covid because of small households and previous experience, while the pandemic could have been foreseen and is not a BS.

According to this video, the threat of  Carrington coronal mass ejection from a directed extreme solar storm is estimated at 12% every decade, and we had a narrow moss in 2012.

Monday, October 11, 2021

“What really happened in Wuhan?" Sky News Australia


Sharri Markson, “What really happened in Wuhan?” for Sky News Australia, documentary based on her book.

The video has title “Chinese dissident claims COVID-19 may have been first spread during 2019 military games”.

Guardian’s remarks.

Longer version, 59 min, late sept 2021, link.

Saturday, October 02, 2021

Our Sun Is Capable of Giant Superstorms, Petrov


medieval castle no tech needed

Anton Petrov offers this video “Our Sun Is Capable of Giant Superstorms 100x Carrington Event, New Study”, Sept 28m 2021.

This might have happened in 775 AD, and twice around 7000 and 9000 Bc.

This is a storm more common from a red dwarf.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

“Solar Storm Apocalypse” from Big Think


“Solar Storm Apocalypse” or “Could a big solar storm wipe out civilization as we know it?” from Big Think.

The speaker is more confident than others that plans exist to turn off the Earth’s grids with about a day’s notice. 

She also mentions 2012 – a near miss om July – as the year of the Maya.

Monday, September 20, 2021

"How the Sun Could Kill the Planet" in July 2025

ExtremeEvent 20120304-00h 20120317-24h


How the Sun Could Kill the Planet”, or “Scientists Predict a Deadly Solar Storm in 2025”, by Unveiled, Aug. 2021.

We should be getting used to these predictions by now. We are now on the upslope form a solar sunspot minimum which had occurred in Dec 2019, just before the pandemic.

The sunspot maximum is supposed to occur in July 2025, in the middle of an eleven year cycle.

So if the Earth takes a direct hit (right where the coronal mass ejection bellows out) we could have a Carrington-level event.

It is also called a “space hurricane” with aurora lights.

We had a big close call in July 2012 (we missed it by 9 days) and a larger miss in the summer of 2014.

Diagram of Forbush Decrease of cosmic rays during the CME of 2012. 

Thursday, September 02, 2021

"New York Is Under the Sea", compilation of cell phone videos as Ida moved into the Northeast



New York Is Under the Sea”, or “Hurricane Ida Flash Floods take NY. NJ. PA, Tornadoes Destroy Homes in Shocking Videos”.

DecoyVoice channel assembled cell phone video clips.

People were trapped in subway stations, possibly exposed to drowning risks, and in cars, and basement apartments (there was also an incident in Rockville MD). 

Newark NJ had 8.41 inches, NYC Central Park had 7 inches, with 3.14 inches in one hour.

There was a small tornado near Blacksburg VA (Va Tech) Tuesday evening, then some warnings in Virginia early Wednesday afternoon in the northern Neck of VA along Highway 301 approaching southern Maryland.  But near Davidsonville, MD, near the Bay, Bill Kelly of WJLA7 noted a radar signature that blew up into a tornado that affected Edgewater, Annapolis, and then apparently southern New Jersey.  Matthew Cappucci of DCFox5 drove to the origin point in southern Maryland and followed it into Annapolis, where it did some damage on West St.  But in New Jersey it (Mullica Hill) some houses were blown off foundations.

Large tornadoes from hurricanes are unusual, but this one interacted with a cold front as it crossed the Potomac and headed northeast.  It was sort of a Hurricane Sandy in reverse. 

Picture: Wikipedia embed, Long Island Expressway night of Sept. 1, 2021, click for attribution