Saturday, June 06, 2020

"Cell-Culture Experiment -- Gone Wrong": there is a good reason this theory doesn't go away

The Orb, Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Sky News Australia and Sharri has a 16 minute video “Covid-19 virus may have been a ‘cell-culture’ experiment gone wrong”.

The main point is that the ACE2 receptor of humans (which is in many organs, not just lungs, and even in the endothelial blood vessel linings) attracts the virus more strongly than does any animal’s.

It is possible for a new coronavirus to evolve if an animal is infected with two different coronaviruses at the same time (same for influenza).

Sky News Australia normally produces a large number of videos and seems to be on the conservative side a bit. 

On May 31, SkyNews offered a 19-minute video "Chinese lab experimented on 'highly pathogenic viruses" days before COVID-19 outbreak" and this examines two labs in Wuhan, especially the WVI. 

Picture: Adelaide (AU) entertainment center in rainbow colors, Wikipedia embed, click for CCSA attribution. 

Thursday, June 04, 2020

"Outside Agitators and Violent Protests"

Outside Agitators Blamed for Violent Protest Wave”, a short news summary about the integrity of the protests. .

This report comes from the Straits Times (Singapore). The story started with Tim Walz, Minnesota governor, announced Tuesday that police intelligence had indicated that 80% of the crowd was from outside Minnesota. (Wisconsin isn’t far away.)

Of course, some people, put on the streets by the COVID lockdown, are just there to steal.

On the other hand, the willingness of legitimate protesters to march and shout incessantly for their mass movement when lower-income members of their community are repeatedly profiled and treated as serfs by some of law enforcement.

It’s hard for white people to understand this when they see successful blacks in the professions, politics, and even law enforcement itself.

Law enforcement is forced to act when destruction of property and violence unrelated to the George Floyd death happens. 

Twitter has closed white supremacist accounts posing as Antifa and pretending to organize legitimate protesters (CNN)

Monday, May 25, 2020

"China's Deadly Secret": Fareed Zakaria makes CNN come clean with a reasonable account of Communist China's negligence and bureaucratic incompetence, leading to the global pandemic


Fareed Zakaria came clean for CNN Sunday night May 25 at 9 PM with “China’s Deadly Secret”. The best URL is here .  CNN does not reliably provide trailers in advance of it its important documentaries the way most movie studios do. “The Print” in India has a nice summary.

The 53-minute film was pretty balanced. He presented China’s colorful celebrations of its 75 years of national progress in late 2019.  Then came the reports of the cases of unusual “pneumonia”, apparently as early as November.

Even before the end of the year Dr. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist, had posted about the cases and we all know that Chinese authorities muzzled him.  In a few weeks, he would become a patient and die, at age 34, himself, apparently having been exposed to very large doses.

Local officials in Wuhan had tried to protect the “New Years Pot Luck” event, but shortly thereafter China’s central government locked down the city.

Zakaria seems to think that, because of the politics of China’s top-down authoritarianism, local officials were reluctant to act, until it was too late. He is not sure that Beijing is directly to blame, or that it fully understood the risk in early January.

Xi Jingping then put on a show, marching through Wuhan, showing that the Chinese people would overcome the virus collectively and become a stronger nation. 

China claims that its authoritarian lockdowns and contact tracing kept the death toll down below that in western countries, but we don't know how reliable their numbers are. They did share the genome but have often closed off contact with outside countries on sharing all of their research. 

Jim Gergaghty has an important article in National Review about a supposed cell connection outage at the Wuhan Institute of Virology around Oct 6, along with a confirmed COVID case in France in mid-December from community spread, but probably through the de Gaulle airport.

Picture:  Letter to Li Wenliang on Wikipedia (click for attribution CCSA).

Saturday, May 23, 2020

OK, "Plandemic" has indeed been slammed

The pseudo-documentary “Plandemic” has come into such disrepute that I won’t give a link to it. There is a video with a short clip of a spokesperson defending it (as an apologetic).

I’ll give a couple of detailed analyses of its fallacies.  Tara Heaele has a detailed story (May 8) on Forbes, with a shocking cover picture of an attractive young adult immobilized while being treated in emergency.  The person of controversy is Dr. Judy Mokovits.

Beth Skwarecki has an even more pointed refutation in LifeHacker  (May 8).

Jane Andraka (Jack’s mother, regarding the Stanford student who invented a pancreatic cancer test) put the Forbes article on her Facebook page recently. 

Tim Pool reports that Google took down a private user drive copy of this film (video). 

Remember that in 2016, a film by the antivaccine movement was removed from the Tribeca film festival.

Picture: Cape Cod, MA, 2015 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

"How Did America Screw Up COVID So Bad?" A doctor in San Francisco gives us a piece of his mind

How Did America Screw Up COVID So Bad?

Dr. ZDoggMD, from San Francisco, talks about how the US got this so wrong, and Asian countries were on the ball.

It’s 46 minutes.

He questions depending on cloth face masks for civilians, although statisticians say it helps you protext other people.

He then gets into our “federal system” compared to Europe.  American exceptionalism harmed us (obesity, poor diet, racial and class divisions which cause crowded conditions).

“America is an exceptional target for this disease because we’re so sick.”  Even young people have undiagnosed diabetes. 

He does understand the rationalization of the "survivial of the fittest" idea, as articulated along with "free speech" in our country.  He also talks about the misinformation that comes with our style of free speech. 

He notes particularly the delayed circulatory system problems and resurgent inflammation in younger people and children. 

Also, important, he thinks the public should wear surgical masks.  There should be a pointed effort to have companies 3-D print them.  By the way, that would mean men would have to shave their beards (for N-95's to fit).  He is clean-shaven and bald in the video. 

(He may be in Washington State.  He mentioned both that and San Francisco.) 

Monday, May 11, 2020

"Coronavirus Second Wave: Prepare", in the eyes of a "prepper"

Coronavirus Second Wave Is Coming: Understand What It Is About and Prepare”, by Bjorn Andreas and Bull-Hansen.

Bjorn sits with outdoor cooking gear in a forest and talks (17 minutes).

He predicts the second wave will have much stricter lockdowns this fall. He advises people to leave the cities and go off the grid if they can.  (My own life means nothing off the grid without globalization, because I have no progeny.)

He talks about the Bill Gates vaccine and says he is not an anti-vaxxer, but he says the vaccine will not have been tested properly.

Saturday, May 09, 2020

"This Is the New Killer Virus that will End Humanity" (Thoughty2 video)

Thoughty2, a British opinionator, offers “This Is the Next Killer Virus that will End Humanity”

That is “Virus X” at the end of the W.H.O.’ s warning list

The most deadly possible virus would have no symptoms for two weeks or more, and then cause a chronic degenerative illness that cannot be stopped.  And it would somehow be supercontagious.

Imagine the mandatory germophobia this would cause.

Most viruses (and bacteria) that have this kind of contagion have relatively short incubation periods. Relatively few are transmissible a long time before symptoms.  Novel coronavirus is maybe moderate in incubation period time (median about five days to noticeable symptoms).  But is seems somewhat unusually contagious (except for measles).  And it hides itself in the immune system for a while, inviting devastating relapses (cytokine storms) after about a week in some people. And it seems capable of doing permanent damage because it attacks endothelial cells, mostly through ACE2 receptors.

As the video (15 minutes) progresses, Thoughty2 seems to reverse his course a couple times on whether a virus really could occur naturally that wipes us out or sends us out on an Escape Earth spaceship.

I think a particularly diabolical virus could be a sexually transmitted disease that then becomes an arbovirus too.  Zika was like that but not severe to the whole population (children before birth). Imagine the political consequences had HIV turned into an arbovirus, although I don’t know if that would have been possible biologically.

There are also prions (protein infectious molecules) which cause nerve proteins to refit themselves into a chain and cause degeneration.  Fortunately these diseases are hard to transmit (mainly through eating animal meat).  That sounds like the concept of a strangelet in astrophysics, which could convert the Earth to strange matter of grey goo in about two seconds.

Maybe one of the worst possibilities would be a virus with few symptoms that makes men sterile. Remember the 2006 film “Children of Men”.  I may come back to that movie later. We could find out down the road that SARS-Cov2.  Another idea is that most people have few symptoms at first but gradually lose intellect or perhaps motor skills irreversibly even after “recovery”.  We’re not completely out of the words on that idea with SARS-Cov2 yet (on either of these two – testes have ACE2 receptors). Antibody Dependent Enhcancement (ADE) could fit into such a paradigm and make vaccines harder.  

Update: May 11

Thought2 also offered, a month ago, "Why Coronavirus May Be a Good Thing"   He says this virus wakes us up and prepare us for the possibility of a contagious virus with a much higher fatality rate (he calls this one "mild").  At 16:40 he notes stronger community and solidarity and teens helping the elderly (I could point out "the Real David Hogg" on Twitter with an unusual video today). 

Picture: Reno NV, indoors, 2018