Saturday, June 17, 2017

Weather Channel's "Tornado: Inside the Vortex"

Today, Saturday, June 17, 2017, the Weather Channel presented its own hour-long documentary “Tornado: Inside the Vortex”.

Here’s an excerpt dealing with mutli-vortex tornadoes.

The documentary also explained the SLIM system for anticipating tornadoes:  S for Shear (speed and height), L for Lift, I for Instability, and M for Moisture.  Both cold fronts and ordinary surface low pressure systems can produce big thunderstorm complexes.

The documentary also showed the spot in Moore OK crossed by both the 1999 and 2013 tornadoes.

Here is some discussion of NOAA's discussion of the categories of risk for severe thunderstorms:  marginal, slight, enhanced, moderate, and high.

Wikipedia attribution link for 2013 Moore OK damage, p.d., FEMA. 

Friday, June 09, 2017

"Can the US Defend Against a North Korean Missile Attack?" short film by Warthog Defense

“Can the US Defend Against a North Korean Missile Attack”, by Warthog Defense, explains the GMD (Ground Missile Defense) strategy against a low-volume nuclear attack that could happen before 2020.

GMD is predicated on destroying a missile as it re-entry with the kinetic energy of a collision.

The film confirms that Bush was concerned about the idea of an eventual North Korea attack as early as 2002.

A similar defense from NORAD should deflect any high altitude launch from a terror group from offshore intended to launch an EMP attack with a small high-altitude nuclear explosion or possibly flux device.

Check out Foreign Affairs (paywall), Jeffrey Lewis article, "Kin Kong Un's Quest for an ICBM, the State of North Korea's Missile Program", here.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cassandra Richard Clarke's "Warnings", mini short film from ABC Nightline

ABC Nightline made a mini-short where Richard Clarke, national security adviser, discusses his book “Warnings” and enumerates various catastrophes that could have been prevented, including 9/11 and the breaking of the levees at New Orleans.  He mentioned asteroids and pandemics.  He is called a Cassandra, as am I.  Here is the best link.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sinclair Broadcasting forum show warns about possible return of military conscription

I don’t think I can really call this a “film” in the sense of the blog title, but I wanted to mention News Channel 8 in Washington DC, under station WJLA and owner Sinclair Broadcasting in Baltimore.  The show is “Government Matters”, most weeknights.
Thursday night’s discussion, around 8 PM, was interesting because a female panelist warned that a return to the draft (military conscription) could well become necessary in the future.  There have been proposals in the Senate to require Selective Service registration by women. The commentator suggested that the US may not have enough “volunteers” for future conflicts, perhaps specifically with North Korea. She said we could not get enough “volunteers” for World War II, but didn’t specifically say that about Korea (1950-1953) and Vietnam (1965-1973).

It’s odd that this happens on a Sinclair station, inasmuch as Sinclair has been reported as pushing more conservative content on its own stations.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

"FBI Translator Goes Rogue, Marries ISIS Fighter", on AC360

FBI Translator Goes Rogue, Marries ISIS Fighter”, was an 8-minute report on CNN’s AC360 Monday night, May 1, 2017.
The terrorist was Denis Cuspert, who had developed a career as a rapper in Germany.
FBI translator Daniela Greene was assigned to tail him, but when she went to Germany, she fell in love, followed him to Syria through Turkey, and married him.  This was no honeypot.

Cuspert would be “KIA”.  Eventually she came to her senses and returned to the US and was immediately arrested.  She has plead guilty and her sentence was kept to two years plus probation (or parole) for cooperating.
But this does play like a short film, a teaser for a Hollywood thriller.
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Aleppo in 1961 by Manfred Nuchter, CCSA 3.0.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CNN's coverage of 9/11: it took several minutes for them to realize a second plane had hit; also "Soundtracks"

There is a lot of unauthorized video of the coverage of 9/11 from all the news services, so it’s good to find an original set of films owned by one of the networks.  Here is CNN’s own link ("Inside 9/11: The Day that Never Ends"), which shows that at first, people inside the North Tower had no real idea of what had happened.

CNN’s original coverage is curious.  It took about four minutes for the newscaster to realize a separate second plane had hit the South Tower.  And for a little while there was speculation about a “navigation error” rather than acceptance of terrorism. Most other networks immediately said that a second plane attack implied terrorism.

Donald Trump’s own reaction on 9/11 is in this video.

I was in my apartment in Minneapolis for about 15 minutes during the aftermath and saw the South Tower fall on ABC.

Update: April 27

CNN tonight aired the one-hour "Soundtracks: The Songs that Defined History" about the music world after 9/11.  Tribeca showed it (notes).

Springsteen appeared, but "We Are Family" got played.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

"Return to Mosul" on CNN: reporter returns to family that sheltered her from ISIS

Return to Mosul”, a one-hour special on CNN, aired 9 PM EDT Saturday April 8, 2017, shows correspondent Arwa Damon returning to visit the family she had sheltered in place with two months before in 2016 in Mosul, Iraq. The subtitle is "Return to Hell: Finding the Mosul Family Who Sheltered Us. 

I'm reminded immediately of the US Third Amendment about quartering soldiers (or maybe refugees).

Most of the soldiers were still there; one had lost an eye, another had recovered from leg wounds. But as she traveled around the city, she found it still very unsafe.

She visits eastern Mosul, which is supposed to be more liberated.

In one place, she found ruins of a makeshift plane intended as a kamikaze.  In another place, she encountered a family that had been recently forced to become human shields after an ISIS home invasion.

She visited a school that had recently opened, with male teachers trying to install something to live for, besides fundamentalism. She found wall art where images had been covered up by ISIS,  Cell phones, banned by ISIS, were returning.

I worked with a woman who had relatives in Mosul back on 2002 in Minneapolis, so I am only on degree of separation removed from all this.  Mosul has about the same population as Philadelphia.

About half of the buildings in the city looked flattened in to rubble.

Wikipedia attribution link for Voice of America picture of Eastern Mosul in 2016, p.d.