Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"Parkland: Inside Building 12", a graphic documentary about the details of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

BCSO deputy Scot Peterson outside as gunman murders students inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School


Yesterday ABC News flashed a YouTube trailer for the film “Parkland: Inside Building 12”, directed by Charlie Minn, from Dreamscape Media (no connection to Dreamworks). 

The documentary traces in detail the movements of the shooter in Building 12 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentines Day, February 14, 2018.  The film shows the shooter with a black dot, and the students and teachers in the rooms with green dots. The film then moves on to document the arrest and the histories of the victims. 

The first forty minutes of the film have graphic accounts by the teachers and students, with some cell phone footage (although not David Hogg’s).  It then traces the movements of the police officer from a neighboring town who arrested the shooter walking in the street 82 minutes later.  Then it goes through the list of 17 victims and gives testimonials to them.   Finally, it shows Emma Gonzalez speaking at a huge rally in Washington DC, March 24, 2018.

The film discusses the apparent lack of appropriate response of Scholl Resource Officer (as a sheriff’s deputy) Scot Peterson, who is described as “cowardly”, news story on current litigation.  However, any teacher could have been placed in that kind of a position.  I would not have been able to deal with that when working as a sub (2004-2007).

There is audio of a student, shot, begging for help, and the teachers cannot leaver the room because they don’t know if it is the shooter pretending to be a victim.

I was at that rally in the street.  I wish we could assemble that way now, without masks.

The film has a site.    I watched it HD rental on Amazon Prime for $1.99 (but you can watch if free with ads, and you can watch it from IMDB).

I have a review of the 2019 film “After Parkland” on a Wordpress blog. 

I support reasonable gun control, closing loopholes, background checks, and the like.  But I cannot join one side as an activist demanding more.  I can’t personally decide whether it is more important that a pregnant mom in Florida be able to protect her family during a home invasion, or whether it is more important to protect kids in a public space.  I cannot make such a choice. 

Picture: Embed from Wikipedia of sheriff's deputy, click for attribution, p.d. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Petrov: "How the World Almost Ended in 2012" with a huge coronal mass ejection (or geomagnetic storm)

Coronal mass ejection moving toward heliopause

 Anton Petrov, on Sept. 12 ("What Da Math"), put up an attention-grabbing video “How World Almost Ended in 2012, and Still Might Later The alternative title is “This  Event Might Start WWIII”.

The event is a geomagnetic storm.  The more familiar term is coronal mass ejection, that follows a large solar storm by a day or two and can disrupt the magnetic field protecting the Earth based on its iron core.

I’ve reported before the stories that during the last week in July 2012 (when I was in West Virginia looking for the Kayford Mine, ironically) that the Sun had a near-Carrington-sized corona mass ejection, and the Earth had missed being in its direct path by about four days (out of a 27 day solar rotation cycle).  It also matters at what latitude on the Sun the eruption occurs.

One feature of Petrov’s scenario is that data on electronics and on servers are also fried.  In the past, I have read that the main dangers are to larger transformers in the power grids.  Data on personal electronics and in your car’s ignition can be fried by an E1-level EMP attack (E3 is the thermonuclear kind).  I had not been aware that this is possible with a solar storm.

Petrov notes that bank accounts would stop working, and the most affected country might be China. Hr also notes that military readiness would be compromised, leading to someone pressing the button.

Petrov also notes that since about 2011 the Sun has been in a quieter period than it had been in before (although the narrow miss was in 2012).  During this period smart phones became legend, and they are not ready for this.

Petrov thinks that severe solar storms are more common than we realize, and may happen about every two decades.  It's a matter of chance when we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Quebec in 1989 was a much narrower miss. 

I’ll look into this more and follow up.  It is important.  Look also at the "BillBoushka" blog April 17 2020 for an account of a Ted Talk on this problem by Helena associate San Feinburg.   

Wikipedia embed of coronal mass ejection in solar system, click for attribution 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Remembering 9/11 ABC News, as it happened

I browsed YouTube for continuous recordings of the events of 9/11 as they occurred on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, and most of the complete logs are gone.

But ABC News's literal account was still up.

Broadcasters saw the second plane approach the South Tower in the air and instantly knew this was an international terror attack, and suspicion of Osama bin Laden was immediate.

On that day, at work, we were having a boat cruise lunch and team building on the St. Croix river near Minneapolis.  It went on as scheduled.

That night, I saw “L.I.E.” (Long Island Expressway) at the Landmark Varsity theater (it was a scheduled benefit) and gas stations gouged that night.  The film would later be edited to take the Twin Towers out. The director Bob Cuesta had been at the theater for a QA and could not fly home for three days.  I met him in a bar afterward.  It was bizarre.

Three weeks later, Gov. Jesse Ventura would attend an HRC Dinner at the convention center, and I would meet him. 

Tom Rogan has a rather disturbing perspective on how 9/11 could have been worse.  I wrote a lot about this in the days following 9/11. 

Picture: 9/11 site in late November 2004, personal visit 

Thursday, September 03, 2020

“Why the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Forcing People out of Cities”

The Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto

Why the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Forcing People out of Cities”, from DW News.

The film starts with the life in Cynthia Tanbani, who moved out of Johannesburg, SA back to a village and started her own humble baking business. 


  A part of the film encourages humility within tribalism, as people will have to take care of one another within extended family pods.
Yet, there is a view that a successful vaccine will turn around personal and familial priorities quickly.
Yet, you have to ponder the moralistic tone of the beginning of the film.

The film starts with the life in Cynthia Tanbani, who moved out of Johannesburg, SA back to a village and started her own humble baking business. 
A part of the film encourages humility within tribalism, as people will have to take care of one another within extended family pods.
Yet, there is a view that a successful vaccine will turn around personal and familial priorities quickly.
Yet, you have to ponder the moralistic tone of the beginning of the film.
Picture:  Wikipedia embed, hospital in rural South Africa, click for embed 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

"Street War: Charlottesville": Edited documentary of Charlottesville, Aug 11-12, 2017


I have embedded a few of Ford Fischer’s walking commentaries on Charlottesville around Aug. 2018, but there is now a 23-minute edited short film “Street War: Charlottesville”, produced, edited and directed by Ford Fischer and Alejandro Alvarez for News2Share Films.

The film starts with the Unite the Right rally Friday night, which breaks out in some explicit violence. One white guy says blatantly “I am a fascist”, and an Antifa supporter (a white female) says “we will replace you.”  The crowd keeps shouting “Blood and Soil” as well as “JWNPU”.

Saturday the explicit violence intensifies.  Many people in the streets sustain injuries. At 16 minutes into the film, Ford shows the time as 1:40 PM and he arrives within a minute of Heather’s being stuck in the car attack.  The film shows the resuscitation attempts.  The epilogue of the film has the song “I Know that I’m Not Alone”.

The film would probably be rated R, but for documentation purposes it definitely should be shown in festivals.

On Aug. 16 Ford Fischer visited Stone Mountain GA and filmed considerable fighting there, the most violent since Charlottesville. You can check News2Share on YouTube and Twitter for the latest. Most of this material is not monetizable because of graphic content, however newsworthy and important as history. 

Picture:  Downtown mall, Charlottesville, my picture, Sept. 2017

Monday, August 03, 2020

"Social Justice Warriors: Power and Control"

“Former Social Justice Warrior Keri Smith explains why social justice is about power and control”, as interviewed by Karlyn Bprysenko.   It is an authoritarian belief system based on control.  It is also viewed as “Marxism married with post-modernism.”

I decided to call this a “film” for the sake of this blog because this version of SJW ideology is definitely a threat to personal freedom.

The ideology denies individual personal agency. They are allowed to speak only as members of specific identity groups (intersectionalized) based on whether those groups are oppressors or oppressed.  The basic psychology is the same deep within white supremacy (some of the alt-right) as within the extreme Left ("Antifa"); it is a desire for tribal affiliation. As a practical matter, we have a harder time knowing when the Left has gone too far (into pathology) than when the Right has. 

It corresponds to Marxism based on economic struggle between classes (as opposed to racial or religious or ethnic identity groups, which often tend to grow toward fascism).

I don’t get what makes this so attractive, except for people who otherwise would be “losers”.  

They also extort demands (at about the 10:00 mark), a kind of digital kneeling or extortion.
SJW-mentality is like cultism.
I see people normally just on the moderate liberal left bending the knee and using phrases like “black and brown bodies” when that phraseology used to be considered inappropriate and (in an normal sense) racist.

Picture: Christopher Columbis statue pedestal in Baltimore, where the statue itself was toppled 

Friday, July 31, 2020

"Coronavirus and America's Death Cult", according to Carlos Maza

Carlos Maza offers us "a film by Rihanna", "Coronavirus and America's Death Cult", early April 2020.

Okay, it is a monologue, 15 minutes, that pits the economy against the value of human life, especially the elderly (they're expiration dates have passed) and the less fit. Well, though the less fit or so because of systemic racism and other exploitations of labor in the past. This, Maza says, is the result of neoliberalism.
The film reaches a climax nine minutes in when elder conservatives say they would die to free the economy for younger generations.  Really.  Do they want to give up their funerals, too?