Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"Nuclear Monday" simulates a Russian nuclear attack on the U.S.

Purple Planet offers the short film “Nuclear Monday” (7 min) directed by Stephen Alsheimer. Brian Willis and Chris Murphy appear.

The film shows a young man, first driving with the camera focused on hairy thighs, returning home to get an emergency broadcast network message about an impending nuclear attack from ten Russian missiles, like Putin’s recent hypersonic doomsday missile.

You also learn that the young man is a doomsday prepper.  He has literature around and there is aclip that says that Kim Jong Un (North Korea) ever agreed to anything with Donald Trump.

There is evidence of an EMP effect (turning off electronics) before the blast hits. 
Things do not end well.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Penny University: "What Would Happen After an EMP?"

Penny University, aptly named, seems to be a channel dedicated to the interests of doomsday preppers.

What Would Happen After an EMP?” would be another supplement to follow the short film “EMP” reviewed on Dec. 16.

The film, or rather like a filmstrip, does not distinguish between E1 and E3, and does not correctly described what a coronal mass ejection would do (it doesn’t have E1 effects).
But the moral tone of the clip is quite striking. And it correctly notes that the major media has not covered this topic very well. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Jordan Peterson warns of EMP attack when discussing the psychology of communism (and fascism) in a video

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, generally known for conservative views, “Addresses Socialist Intellectuals” in this video from April 2018. 

The video was made at a panel discussion or QA where he discusses why fascism is usually considered more morally objectionable than communism, Hitler worse than Stalin, and the Hammer and Sickle less objectionable than the swastika.

He makes the comment that the “right” likes hierarchy, and that the “left” serves those displaced by hierarchy, and notes that the extreme right is more likely to define only one group as chosen and entitled to subjugate all other groups.  But communism as an egalitarian utopia has failed every time it is tried.  And Russia – left from the Soviet Union – is still armed to the max.

At 10:50 in the video he mentions the possibility of electromagnetic pulse attack from a thermonuclear weapon (an E3), which he considers a risk from both Russia and North Korea, the latter being the absolute worst.  "You're done" he warns. 

What a discovery for Christmas night.  And we have a president who seems to be unraveling quickly.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

"E.M.P." -- short film shows what happens when a young couple is suddenly stranded in the mountains by an EMP event

E.M.P” (19 minutes), directed by Sebastian Chapela Juy (Mental Paint films), who gave the film his own accolade in a comment on YouTube, dramatizes a fictitious EMP attack over California.  The film is posted on YouTube by the director in April 2018 (after tensions with North Korea had reduced a bit after the Winter Olympics).

A young couple (Jacobelle Luongo and Andrew Marcia) are driving into the Sierra on a camping honeymoon trip when the radio dies, and so does the car.  No one comes buy for help.  Finally they encounter an ex-Ranger type (Trey Van Dyke) who explains what an electromagnetic pulse bomb is. 
   It is quite telling that the young couple had never heard of EMP.  That’s one reason I blog about it!

They encounter a couple of locals, walking into one unlocked house. Pretty soon the inevitable guns appear and people die trying to survive.  Just for water.

There is a sequel (4 minutes. Penny University), what would be working after an EMP event?  A short list: You car if it was made before 1990;  off-road vehicles; Vintage electronics – vacuum tube electronics of the 50s;  basic motors without electronic controls (if not plugged in when struck);  batteries; solar panels.  This little add-on notes that a natural event is possible.  Coronal mass ejections don't destroy electronics; an E1 pulse (from nuclear fission or some flux devices that the military has) does; the solar storm or thermonuclear weapon emits an E3. 
Picture: Mine, near US 50, W of Sacramento, as I was driving to look at the output of a small wildfire on a September 2018 trip. I had a new rental car which would not work in this film,

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

"Dark Matter Hurricane will Collide with Earth" (it's already gotten started)

A young woman from “Inform Overload” warns us “Dark Matter Hurricane Will Collide with Earth”.

Well, it has already started.  A “stellar stream” or swarm of stars has been passing around us for some number of millennia, with gravity augmented by dark matter.  And we have been too sinful to notice (to quote GLIL from the 1990s).
What we should pay attention to, however, is space weather, coronal mass ejections, and start making documentaries on it.  Even at the Weather Channel.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

"New American Nazis" in "Documenting Hate" series on PBS Frontline

PBS Frontline (and Pro Publica) aired an episode of “Documenting Hate”, “NewAmerican Nazis” at 9 PM Tuesday, November 20, 2018 (Episode 17 of Series 36). 
The episode is written and directed by Richard Rowley and the interviewing is done largely by A.C. Thompson.

The episode focused on an informal group “Atomwaffen” of lone wolves who want to create particularly violent attacks.  Four members were living in an apartment in Tampa, FL when one teenager shot two others.  That group tried apparent to attack a nuclear power plant near Miami but was intercepted and stopped by the sheriff’s office and FBI intelligence.  One or two members of the group were said to possess radioactive materials.  It sounds plausible that the rifle attack on a power station near Sunnyvale CA in April 2013 (or a few other similar attacks) could be associated with people who have connections to this group.  One member of the group will stand trial in California for the murder of a gay male Jewish college student. 

The documentary explored various other connections, including Dylann Roof in S.C., links in the past to Timothy McVeigh and Oklahoma City, and to Charles Manson in California, particularly in the Death Valley and Scott’s Castle areas, where there were “hate camps” or “reeducation centers”, which might be outgrowths of civilian reservist groups that had been proposed in the 1980s to deal with any potential nuclear war with the Soviets. .

The documentary maintains that the group tries to “recruit” military members and claims that in a few cases young men have joined ROTC to get access to neo-Nazi contacts.

The documentary finally interviews author James Mason, who had gone dark for 15 years after being in jail.  But Mason, in a particularly chilling conclusion, talked about  Fields at Charlottesville, as well as many others, as “heroes”.  There was a strikingly irrational and superficial ideology that claims “Jews” are the “virus” and that “people of color” and “gays” are the “symptoms”. 

Thompson meets some members of the group in a country bar in Texas (it looks like Houston). 
The film presented the only collection of Mason’s follower’s literature, at the University of Kansas in Lawrence (where I went to graduate school myself in the 1960s).  Thompson also interviewed a professor at the University of Chicago.

The film presents some footage from Pittsburgh Tree of Life (outdoors only).
The obvious question is whether Trump’s presidency and behavior is adding more fuel to their fires.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Chris Hansen has resumed his "predator" sting series on YouTube and it is difficult to watch

Chris Hansen has resumed his earlier series for NBC (“To Catch a Predator”) as an independent series now online, “Hansen v. Predator”.  It is related to his “Crime Watch Daily
These videos are so disturbing that I placed this example on the “threats to freedom” blog (normally for disasters) than on the TV blog. (See also the Book Reviews blog, March 17, 2007 for Hansen’s book.)

Men enter chat rooms and talk to decoys online and drive to the sting house in Fairfield CT.

In many episodes Hansen suddenly appears after the decoy actor or actress leaves the room, and Hansen will sometimes say “Have a seat”.

Hansen has aged and developed a bit of a gut.  He behaves in an authoritarian manner and interrogates the perp on his motives.

Hansen says there has never been a female subject show up to a sting.  He also has produced arguments that this is not legal entrapment.

As the perpetrator leaves, he gets arrested in the garage. The video then will show questioning with Fairfield CT police, who confront the perp with the chat log.  Typically the perp pleads guilty, gets some jail time and must register as a sex offender for ten years.

Internet users, whatever their grasp of the (im)morality of this, should realize that it is very dangerous to arrange meetings with others who claim to be under age of consent in a particular state, from chat rooms.  Police stings are common in every state and in Washington DC.  Public knowledge of the stings should provide deterrence.  (In some states, especially California, age of consent is still 18.) 
The overwhelming majority of situations are heterosexual.  Some men may have grown up in cultures where they are used to the idea of women marrying much younger and having children earlier than the age of consent in many states.