Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This blog presents and reviews films on possible catastrophes

This blog will list and briefly review a number of films, especially television and cable documentaries, on natural disasters that could threaten individual freedom and personal autonomy.

Socially, the issue is important because some disasters could be so large as to call the basic financial system and infrastructure in the United States and in western countries to become challenged. Some probably are impossible, and some could probably be prevented with a sufficiently determined effort.

An advanced technological infrastructure enables personal autonomy and enables people with diverse temperaments and abilities to carve out their own course in life, regardless of family origins or pressures. Major catastrophes could cause people to be thrown into solidarity with blood families and with other community persons that they did not choose to be close to, so this is a fundamental liberty issue.

Note that the Sci-Fo channel has some generic films called "Nature Unleashed" about Ice, Fire, Tornado, Avalance, Volcano, Earthquake.

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