Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mega-Disasters: Methane Explosion (History Channel)

On Tuesday October 9, 2007 The History Channel presented “Mega-Disasters: Methane Explosion.” (or "Methane Eruption"). The one-hour show documented a theory by Northwestern University professor Gergory Ryskin to the effect that at a few times in geologic history (particularly 250 million years ago with the Permian Mass Extinction) methane (C-H4) may have bubbled out of the oceans from some stagnant areas and then been ignited by lightning, producing a global firestorm. In fact, the bubbling could cause huge tsunamis comparable to those from the largest volcanic landslides.

Other scientists question the theory. It takes a huge amount of methane at once to produce an explosive mixture, which can happen only over a large area of stagnant ocean, probably filled with frozen methane hydrates at the bottom. Methane hydrates are a form of ice with embedded methane molecules surrounded by water in odd ring structures. It forms only at very great pressure and low temperature at great depths. Methane hydrate crystals will burn despite the water content (and so would vapor with a high enough concentration of methane); it seems to be a real covalent compound and not just a colloid. That could make an interesting high school chemistry laboratory experiment (under supervision of course).

There was a geyser of carbon dioxide at Lake Nyos in Cameroon, released by volcanism, with the carbon dioxide sliding down and killing villagers and animals.

Release of methane from hydrates could cause extreme global warming. This may have happened 55 million years ago with the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum.

The History Channel also had a show on Jupiter, whose weather is an extreme blowup of earth’s, as well as a detailed discussion of Europa and the possibility of life under its global icecap


Anonymous said...

it was just after Kennedy's death and the shut down of the tidal power impetus, 1967-that M. King Hubbert of Shell Oil began what is know as Enhanced Oil Recovery, EOR, also know as Improved Oil Recovery.IOR, Improved Resource Management and other catchy little names than mask what it is: Toxic Chemical Oil Recovery, and a virtual methane hydrate manufacturing-weapon-of-mass-destruction- factory. I kept seeing the image of Anderson Cooper standing in front of Lake Chad in Africa in the CNN series Planet in Peril, sponsored by an EOR producer, the very ilk that has been removing the water all these years, and by the way it is America's own Army Corp of Engineers that does the delivering of the water to the oil industry. If the oil industry can pull off that joke on Andersen Cooper there is little likeihood that the politicians will listen to the facts. You are talking about the very source of American power; we are 93% of the Enhanced Oil Production either directly or in partnership with foreign governments, and despite the fact that the industry knows exactly what they have caused, obviously they have everyone firmly under control, and, up until lately, also thought they had under control all the methane hydrates that they have made, which are literally holding up the outer crust of the earth in any place they have drilled, except Indonesia where they are already sinking the whole blooming area into the bowels of the earth, in a circle from the Maldives to Tuvalu. The mainstay of EOR is massive amounts of CO2 in liquid form, and nowhere do they use more than in Indonesian and Pacific waters.They have a gaggle of covert cover up cohorts, which includes people like Scripts Ocean Institute and their scientific press wire service, Scripps Howard, which was formed in the very beginning to control news of these little creatures we now know as Red Tide, which started showing up off the California coast where we first started drilling for oil in the sea, add the Navy . . .The Department of Energy, which virtually is the oil industry and our intelligence services. As far as I am concerned the Associated Press is but the CIA, dressed up and doing a tap dance. But alas, you see, global warming is destabilizing the hydrates big time and it has a chain reaction effect, so they are pushing the methane hydrate beast out of the wings on to the public stage, because- really- what are you going to do when you start to have multitudes of explosions and their consequences to keep the masses calm.

But back to the permafrost. British Petrogeologists discovered in 2006 that methane gas is the gas of the ice age. They did a little experiment with methane gas and water and pressure and they discovered what methane gas can do to effect its hydrate-the preferred state- and that is lower temperatures and retard the melting point of ice. Now when they tell you that they are worried about methane gas because it is a heat trapper, they are not telling you the whole story.

Methane gas traps heat inside its molecules in the presence of fresh water to lower atmospheric temperature to the point it can grab the water and turn it into an ice lattice. So get the picture. The heat it holds comes out of our atmosphere, it does not go into our atmosphere in the hydrate forming phase. It does go back into the atmosphere, and or water when it destabilizes, and by the way that is what El Nino and La Nina are. Hydrates sucking heat out of the water fighting destabilization and then dumping it all back into the water when they can fight it no more.

EOR began in Pacific waters on the "rim of fire" in 1967. The first El Nino was in 1972, not the 15th century as the cover story goes. Destabilization means going back from its compressed state to 170 times its volume and it is an explosion- an explosion of heat; every methane molecule in the hydrate can hold up to 400 degrees F of heat without disturbing the ice around it.

The British also confirmed once and for all that methane cannot originate its hydrate in salt water and will not interact with ice that is already formed; the oil industry already knew that methane did not like salt, because that is what they used to stop it from forming in their pipelines in the Arctic, and in their bore holes everywhere, but you see the confusing thing about all this was scientists studying mud volcanoes on the ocean floor saw that mud volcanoes, erupting methane gas from below would begin forming cold seeps, and they would then find methane hydrates forming in the sides of the volcanoes. This crafty little gas has an exception to its rule. If there is a dollop of hydrate left un disassociated, as it erupts from the ocean floor, and it happens all the time, and further, if so much methane gas erupts in the confined space of the mud volcano that the gas reaches saturation in the salt water, it can then reach out and grab the salt water, spit out the salt and start building back the hydrate at a lower pressure,by taking heat out of the water.

We have massive salt domes all over the Gulf of Mexico, but in the Mackenzie river delta there is no salt to interfere with hydrate formation. The river is so forceful, the water remains fresh four miles into the Beaufort Sea. Our next ice age began the summer before last when hydrate dissociation reached saturation in the Beaufort Sea.

I knew that because I knew all about methane hydrates, and I believe that the public will become aware of it in less than six years, when the melting of the Arctic ice in the summer begins to reverse, due to methane saturation in the Beaufort Sea Mud volcanoes ( those that are not created by volcanic activity), are the sole creation of the oil and gas industry.

All viruses and salt tolerant bacteria that have come into being since we began drilling for oil are courtesy of the oil industry, including Polio.

Usually when something is new we look for what else is new, except when it is the oil and gas industry. In 1891 the oil industry began drilling on the western shores of Lake Champlain in the same area they were drilling for phosphorus, the ingredient needed for RNA formation, and in the same area they were mining for salt. The first epidemic of Polio, a RNA virus, broke out in Otter Valley, Vermont. Otter Creek makes a bee line for Otter Valley from the eastern side of Lake Champlain. The other area that experienced early outbreaks of Polio was Sweden, which lies in a watershed area for Russian oil exploration efforts. The first salt tolerant bacteria was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after we began drilling for oil in the warm waters of the Gulf. Salmonella is a salt tolerant bacteria.

Legionnaires Disease is a salt tolerant bacteria Flesh eating bacteria are a salt tolerant variety. This makes you wonder how it got all the way from the Gulf of Mexico to the AC system in the Legionnaires Hall in Pennsylvania doesn't it? The US Army admits it dumped some of the early new salt tolerant bacteria that were discovered from the air over San Francisco in the early 1950's just to see what would happen.

The summer of 2007, I visited a marine research facility in Maine and I asked a scientist there if I could be right in my theory that Red tide was born from the great heat and chemicals of a methane hydrate explosion and was there a current that could bring it from the areas they were drilling off Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and he said yes, the Labrador current, and he suggested I read this book, written by a German called, The Swarm. If a Bowdoin scientist will not - or cannot get through to congress or the press what could I contribute? There has been logic established that says anything for oil and the money and power it brings, and I think that is going to hold until the curtain begins to fall on Earth. I mean - really- they have known since the late 1930's that in Arctic conditions that methane can get its hydrate leg on at atmospheric pressure, and yet they are pressing to extend their drilling areas on both land and sea in the Arctic. It is the madness that comes from money and power. You should see the unscientific, scientific reports I have that try to prove mud volcanoes where they are drilling off the Barbados are 750 thousand years old just because that is the age of the sediment they are vomiting up. These particular mud volcanoes were the epicenter of that huge Caribbean earth quake we had. Liquid CO2 and water dissolves the crust of the earth, and in 2004, when they put 1600 tonnes of it down a bore hole in Texas and supposedly watched it for the first time with a machine made by Scripps for them, they saw that it did. You saw the site they used in Texas collapse and fill with water on the news three years after they tried it. If 1600 tonnes can do that, what do you think 100 million tonnes can do? That is what they use in just one site in Indonesia per year.

I was going to call my essay: The Conspiracy of Wishful Thinking: Oh Please look again, a little longer; surely it is due to something else. It is not: methane hydrates= Red tide; dead zones; reef death; drought; fires; modern disease; shortage of water; carbon dioxide build up in the water and air; the warming and soon the cooling of Earth.

And no the cooling in the Arctic will not be helpful to our warming problems. Where the two meet will be chaotic violent weather as hot and cold duel, and this time it will not be just ice it will be fire ice and the explosions will be violent too. I believe the 1908 mega explosion in Russia was a methane hydrate explosion not an impact. They could never find an impact print. Their permafrost is much deeper than ours and therefore less likely to seep out and more likely to explode out.

Anonymous said...

Pls check out methane hydrate explosions since 1947 and visit

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