Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ike has several YouTube videos; it became a Category 4 suddenly today!

Well, there is a puppet video having fun with Hurricane Ike, posted by “KingoftheLlama,” and “Rokku Productions.” YouTube link here.
The embedding is disabled by user request, and I wonder why so much of the video framed on an old VHS tape monitor (I have an old Panasonic myself to play old VHS tapes). But the script is funny. It says “I am Ike and I need to get bigger.” The poster calls it “a parody of Star Wars Kinda”.

Well, Hurricane Ike grew from a tropical storm to a Category 4 Hurricane today (Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008), suddenly. There seems to be nothing in its way until it reaches Florida this weekend. Wow, this sounds like a potential Hurricane Andrew (1992), or an “It Could Happen Tomorrow” weather channel film simulating a Category 5 making a dead hit on Miami.

Hannah appears ready to graze the East Coast over the Ocean City and Rehoboth areas this Saturday. Since Isabel in 2003 and numerous thunderstorms took out many weak trees, hopefully a repeat in the DC would not be as severe if it happened. If you’ve hiked in Shenandoah, you notice downed trees everywhere. It’s part of nature for them to come down all the time; it makes shelter for animals. You just don’t want them on power lines or cable.

To the east is Josephine, and two big low pressure systems over Africa. They are all lined up for training.

You can watch Charlene Rice paint a happy seascape in “Hurrican Gustav, Hanna and Ike: God Is Bigger,” link here. She starts with a blue background and gradually fills in waves and storm clouds, and demonstrates painting techniques. There is an artist with a similar show on MPT (PBS) in Maryland. ( 4 minutes).

Then there is “Gustav, Hanna, Ike Hurricanes: Please No:” link here. The film shows mostly footage of Katrina’s destruction (some of it quite graphic), with some footage of the auto evacuations. At the end, it says that hundreds of thousands of children were made homeless by Katrina. One could say that about the 2004 tsunami.

Miami Map from (to follow as Atlantic hurricanes approach):

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