Thursday, February 19, 2009

Martha Stewart presents "colony collapse disorder" among bees

It’s rather odd to bring up the subject of mega-disasters in conjunction with domestic diva Martha Stewart, but the “Martha Steward Living” show today (10 AM EST Feb. 19, 2009, ABC) mentioned Colony Collapse Disorder of honeybees. Her blog doesn’t have the entry yet, but it probably will later today. Wikipedia has a detailed explanation of the problem here. There are various hypotheses, including cell phones or microwaves and immunosuppression (even in insects!) There are a lot of reports that it could grow into a serious economic problem for agriculture, in a time when we are trying to develop “sustainability.”

Martha had a guest who showed how to attract a bee colony. She indicated that in many communities, including New York City, you need a license to start such a colony. It’s hard to say if doing so would have much impact on the disorder.

One Donald Trump NBC “Apprentice” assignment in California took place at a bee hive farm in the Central Valley.

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