Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Eleventh Hour" poses scenarios for big risks and little ones

Eleventh Hour” is a sci-fi series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer for CBS, with Rufus Sewell playing researcher Dr. Jacob Hood (about link here).

The episode on March 12 involved people behaving aggressively after exposure to a psychosis-inducing agent in a perfume. The idea that a consumer product, if contaminated, could lead to mass hysteria and violence if unleashed does sound like a possible scenario. Possibly that could happen with an infectious agent.

But what was interesting here was the practical issue that in bars and discos, businesses actually do have to be very careful about customer behavior, around dancers, for example. In an episode in this show, a security guard attacks a dancer. Later a bar bouncer says that over his career he became calloused.

The “Eleventh Hour” series seems to provoke some scary hypothetical “what if’s” that really deserve thought for emergency preparedess.

As for night club “safety”, I even recall in Minneapolis an occasion at the Gay 90s when a security guard said I was impaired after stumbling down the steps and asked me to leave (I wasn’t; I did have a slight limp from a hip fracture). Another time at another bar a bouncer wouldn’t admit me because of the limp. Still, another time, earlier, when I was still recovering and used a crutch, I got the royal treatment, including a ride to the upstairs lounge in a private elevator.

Although this next item is a bit tangential to what happens in the Eleventh Hour episode, I found 8 minutes of YouTube video of the tragic fire at The Station in West Warwick, RI in February 2003. The link is here.

The fire was caused by improper use of pyrotechnics by a performing band in a club not designed properly for their safe use.

I had just visited West Warwick myself New Years that year visiting filmmaker Gode Davis, who is making the documentary “American Lynching.”

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