Tuesday, April 21, 2009

History Channel: "Life After People" starts a regular series

The History Channel has continued its “Life After People” which it introduced in early 2008 as a cable film with a series, which opened tonight, April 21. The best link may be this. The first episode is called "The Bodies Left Behind" and will be repeated a couple times.

The series opens by examining what might happen to mummies and to embryos that had been frozen. The suggestion is that maybe many could prepare some survivors to be re-awakened after a millennium or so of cryogenic freezing. What would they find? Well, not much.

Parrots would actually speak some of our words, but lose them after a few generations as words have no value to their reproduction.

One of the most interesting sections showed an island city off the coast of Japan, Hashima http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashima_Island or Battleship Island, which had been built in the 50s as a compact city around a coal mine. But when the Japanese economy turned to oil (not such a good idea in these days of peak oil and concern over renewables) the island was shut down and evacuated. In thirty five years the island has decayed into utter ruin and looks like a war zone.

The segment showed skyscrapers in Houston and Boston collapsing, as well as the implosion of the Houston Astrodome, which has become a bat cave.

I think a good sci-fi scenario would be, what could make this happen? A gamma ray burst maybe? Hostile aliens from UFOs (maybe they give us a specific “deadline”)? Maybe the Earth will stand still.

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