Tuesday, May 19, 2009

History Channel: Nostradamus 2012: the Mayan "Purification" date approaches

"Nostradamus: 2012" aired on the History Channel Tuesday. The program sketched a number of dire scenarios that it claims are reflected in the quatrains of his “Prophecies.” The underlying idea is that a galactic alignment (of the Sun with the black hole center of the galaxy) occurs on Dec. 21, 2012, a date that ends an era on the Mayan Calendar, and is close to the end of a Talmud Millennium. Perhaps it brings about our "purification." The History Channel link is this.

There are suggestions that a magnetic pole shift could occur, destroying all electronics, or perhaps leading to cataclysm (as in the 1976 book Allan W. Eckert, The HAB Theory).

The film then covers a number of calamities occurring in close succession: global warming, SARS and perhaps new flus, AIDS, tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricane Katrina. Interesting is the “colony collapse disorder” in honeybees, of unknown cause, and the disappearance of bats (possibly into wind energy turbines).

The film warns that the galactic alignment could trigger supervolcano eruptions (including Yellowstone and Mono Lake) that could lead to mass extinctions.

The film covered the philosophy of the Hopi, who say that at any point man has a “Krzysztof Kieslowski” choice of good or evil, and at some point mankind will find himself going through a “bottleneck period” where man has limited time to resolve the problems that threaten an advanced civilization.

Attribution link for Wikimedia Commons rendition of a (galactic) “Black Hole”.

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