Saturday, June 13, 2009

"The Seven Signs of the Apocalypse" on the History Channel

"The Seven Signs of the Apocalypse" was aired in May and June on the History Channel, explores the seven signs in the Book of Revelation. As each of seven seals is broken, a new cataclysm happens. The four horsemen of the apocalypse (link) in Revelations Chapter 6 count among the signs.

The show starts to provide a number of parallels in current events to the metaphoric horsemen. The black horse deals famine – like our diversion of grain to biofuels, leading to food shortages. The red horse represents massive war, including human annihilation. The first horse is the antichrist, as in Revelations. The Pale horse represents death.

There are seven disasters within seven signs within seven more signs. The “Wormwood” star could relate to an asteroid or comet. The destruction of New York and the following “Impact Winter” are simulated.

The second sign deals with global pandemics, probably from bioterror, with rapidly mutating viruses that produce death so quickly that civilization breaks down. The program covers the 1918 flu epidemic and threat of H5N1 bird flu (it doesn’t mention H1N1). God will allow humans to master biology and virus creation, but man must live with the consequences.

The third pestilence is a massive global earthquake, or massive earthquakes occurring all over the world at the same time

The fourth pestilence is a gamma ray burst, that could originate as far as 8000 light years away, where there is a particular star that could become the kind of supernova whose burst could reach us.

The fifth apocalypse is a supervolcano, such as Yellowstone, which would start as small eruptions around the rim of the caldera, loosening it and giving us warning of impending cataclysm. Yellowstone has shown an increase in earthquakes in early 2009.

The sixth catastrophe is the waters turning red, which corresponds to “red tide” cause by an algae.

The last apocalypse is climate change, whether or not it is man made. Of course, this is Al Gore’s familiar “Inconvenient Truth.”

The show concludes with a discussion of a global battle called Armageddon. The asymmetry of modern terrorism relates to this. A nuclear apocalypse would lead to nuclear winter, similar to many of the other cataclysms.

I remember when living in Texas in the 1980s hearing constant discussions in car radios of post-tribulationism v. pre-tribulationism and the occurrence of the Rapture of the Believers.

“Bible prophecy is like advanced intelligence.”

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