Friday, August 14, 2009

ABC 20-20 documents Parkersburg, IA 2008 tornado

On Friday Aug. 14, ABC 20-20 presented a show on the May 25, 2008 Parkersburg, Iowa tornado. The show was called “Blown Away, Twister Terror”. The main news story is by Joanna Weiner with link here.

The report shows unusual video of the tornado actually forming. Later it describes how a walk-in cooler in a restaurant survived (with the patrons inside), while the rest of the building was blown away. The destruction wrought by the half-mile-wide EF5 tornado was described as “atomic.”

Afterward the authorities have to watch leaking natural gas and electric sparks.

The tornado sounds comparable to the 2007 Greensburg KS tornado.

Attribution link for NWS p.d. picture of Parkesburg IA.

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