Tuesday, September 01, 2009

NatGeo looks at conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11

9-11: Science and Conspiracy” on National Geographic, airing on August 31, 2009, examined the “conspiracy theories” about 9/11 proposed by “truthers” who claim, among other things, that the Twin Towers were imploded by controlled demolitions.

The movie shows some experiments in the desert with test buildings, to show how jet fuel heat softens (without having to melt) steel, enough to weaken support trusses and to cause a pancaking of a skyscraper. The film also simulates, with 3-D “Pixar-style” animation (this specific material developed at Purdue University), the actual plane impacts and subsequent softening and collapse. The NatGeo link for the film is here.

The film then examines the theory of “rogue planes” on 9-11. It then goes into conspiracy theories for other tragedies, including Pearl Harbor and JFK.

A conspiracy theory is a romantic idea, to make sense out of something else that is intolerable. A theory is like a novelist’s though, an exercise in make-believe, in fantasy.

Randy Thomas narrates the film.

A related DVD coming soon is “Loose Change: 9/11: An American Coup” (also called "Loose Change: Final Cut"), from a very youthful Dylan Avery (releasing Sept. 22, 2009), who appears in the NatGeo film=2 0frequently.

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