Sunday, September 06, 2009

Weather Channel shows dangers of "sudden" flash floods in tropical storm Erin

On Sunday Sept. 6, the Weather Channel broadcast a particularly interest “Storm Stories” episode, about Tropical Storm Erin in 2007.

In the countryside slightly east of San Antonio (still flat, before the Hill Country), a man tried to drive home, and ten inches of rain flooded an entire flat area so quickly that his car was lifted up, and he had to climb to a tree to be rescued, which itself was difficult. His wife watched the rescue at home on live local television.

Farther north, in Oklahoma, the tropical storm intensified as it interacted with a cold front. This is unusual for a TS over land, but it wound up with 80 mph winds over land, dumping about six inches of rain in some areas in two areas.

One small farm owner south of Oklahoma City went out to his pond, and somehow became ensnared in a “tin horn” drainage device. For half of the show he described his being caught and almost drowned, and then expelled from it by the torrent of water, rather like the “whale” expelling Jonah.

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