Saturday, October 10, 2009

SyFy's "MegaFault"

Well, the one good thing you can say about SyFy/Asylum Film’s pre-2012 ripoff, “Megafault”, is that it starts with a scene in a mountaintop removal mine in West Virginia, one that looks like the notorious mine 40 miles south of Charleston. Pretty soon, mine operators and Big Muskie draglines are getting swallowed up, Biblical style, by cracks that open in the Earth and travel, Smallville-style. The stripminers get what they deserve.

Pretty soon Washington DC gets it, and then so does Lexington, KY. It turns out that the military had a crypto project to use space lasers to flash-freeze underground water to produce quakes, and it went wrong, and now the planet is threatened. Furthermore, the quakes approach the Yellowstone supervolcano, and threaten to blow it up (we’ve seen a lot of the consequences of supervolcanoes already).

The movie is directed by David Michael Latt and features Brittany Murphy as the PhD heroine, and actor Bruce Davison makes a comeback, as does an unerased Justin Hartley (Smallville, Passions).

But the urgency is so coincidental and so contrived that the movie seems laughable than a real warning about a megadisaster that could happen. People try to outrun progressive quakes they way they outrun tornadoes—recalling the effects of the 70s thriller “Sorcerer”. The Earth’s surface gets turned over the way Venus’s did 500 million years ago, and the prospects for civilization are not too good.

The film could be compared to NBC's miniseries "10.5" and the sequel "10.5: Apocalypse", both directed by John Lafia.

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