Sunday, November 01, 2009

Discovery's "Nostradamus Decoded"

The Discovery Channel hosted a new variant of the Nostradamus series (also seen on the History Channel a lot), “Nostradamus Decoded.” The movie goes into the structure of his writings (“The Prophecies”) as 10 centimes, organized into quatrains, rather the way you would study them in a college literature course. Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame) had to hide much of his ideas in code; in the 16th Century, direct criticism of the Church or kingdoms could get you before an Inquisition or burned at the stake. There is something about a personality that simply wants to warn people, that “it really could be that bad” if you don’t wise up and do better. Nostradamus might be an influential blogger if he were alive today.

The movie discusses his predictions of future Anti-Christ’s (like the Van Trier movie, maybe) – “Hister” would map to Adolf Hitler. One of the quatrains can reasonably be mapped to the events of 9/11 (the film shows the Twin Towers imploding). There are other apparent matches such as the atomic bomb in 1945.

Another curious prediction concerns the expansion of the Sun to incinerate the Earth and force men to move out, presumably now to Mars. But that could not happen by 3900; that will not happen for several billion years, when the Sun becomes a red giant (it will eventually become a white dwarf).

Here is a YouTube video on Nostradamus “secret code” from a group called “The Spiritual World”

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