Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"Apocalypse Man" on History Channel with Rufus Reyes

On Wednesday Jan 6 the History Channel ran “Apocalypse Man” in which a handsome bearded lean Rudy Reyes (Facebook link called "Hero Living") demonstrates survival techniques after civilization has broken down.

The History Channel has a link here.

Reyes recommended suspicion of everyone, and learning to travel by less known routes, including city sewer systems. He demonstrated how to make a fire with steel wool, and how to move into abandoned houses. He also showed how to bring the power back on in an abandoned hospital, and discussed what happened to hospitals in Hurricane Katrina.

He also showed how to rappel down an elevator shaft and even rappel up a suspension river bridge. Have confidence in your ability, he said.

In the film, he goes it alone. But he says that while he would be suspicious of everyone, wanting to find people to communicate with would give him a reason to live.

The program struck me as a mini "Life After People"; well, maybe there are a few people. The mood also reminds one of the recent thriller "The Road".

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