Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthqauke in Haiti highlights potential vulnerability of eastern US; many videos available

The Oxfam Haiti Emergency Appeal (from Britian)

CBS News has a video “Washington Unplugged” called “How to Help the Haiti Victims” Tracy Reines from the American Red Cross speaks. Reines also appears in this video from the American Red Cross

CBS News also provides a flyover video from Coast Guard Station Clearwater here, showing Port au Prince from the air. A 7.0 only ten miles away has to do massive damage.

I was not aware that a major fault was present in the Caribbean. Unlike Florida, the land of that island, including the Dominican Republic also, is mountainous, as in Cuba. But there have been similar earthquakes in the 18th and 19th centuries near Boston and near Charleston SC and a major quake in New York City is conceivable. NBC Nightly News, however, on Wednesday discussed the Caribbean Plate which grates against the North American Plate, producing a fault. The quake Tuesday may have shifted tension further west to portend future quakes around Jamaica.

The United Nations says that fourteen of its workers there are confirmed dead. At 6 PM Wednesday, ABC News was reporting over 100,000 deaths.

I did volunteer at a phone bank in 2005 at the Red Cross in Falls Church Va over Hurricane Katrina, and found that most clients had to be put on hold for hours on a FEMA help line.

The earthquake reminds me of a Christmas earthquake that leveled Managua, Nicaragua in 1972.

Attribution link for Wikipedia CIA Factbook map of Haiti.

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