Saturday, January 30, 2010

NatGeo and Bing examine Maya prophecies, position of Moon in scare videos

MSN and Bing have featured a couple of National Geographic videos about apocalypse today.

One video (link) supposes that the Moon moves out in orbit to 270000 miles (MSN titles it “If the Moon Moved”), 10% further. In that case, the gravity of Jupiter would take over Earth and it’s possible the Earth would start spinning on its side, like Uranus, with enormous and sudden climate changes wiping out civilization as we know it.

Princeton University geosciences professor Adam Maloof (link) discusses the possibility of a sudden pole shift as a consequence of the Maya prophecy for 2012 in this video (link), along with Robert Bast. The video starts in Dec 21, 2012 with a reporter saying Congress is going into recess, which Washington is suddenly destroyed with a flare (as in the movie “Knowing”). The pole shift idea had been explored by novelist Allan W. Eckert in the 1970s with the novel “The Hab Theory”.

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