Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile earthquake will produce a lot of documentary video; tsunami watch around the Pacific

I looked to see what kind of guerilla documentary filmmaking has been going on today with the earthquake in Chile. There’s not that much yet.

American Idol singer Elliot Yamin tweets and describes the quake live with Josh Levs of CNN (6 minutes)

Chad Myers of CNN explains the Richter scale -- sorry, that's a 50s science class term; Chad says call it "Magnitude". An 8.0 earthquake is 32 times as strong as a 7.0 quake. The meteorologist explains the tsunami risk, which is hard to predict, for the next 24 hours all around the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, maybe even some areas of the US West Coast. It’s likely that the waves would decrease with distance and be small. But if someone is near a beach and sees the water recede, exposing more “land”, that means that a tsunami is coming. This was the case with the Indonesian tsunami in 2004.

There are numerous copied videos on YouTube, and a few at-home commentaries, such as one by “Everyman Unemployed.” (link ) There is mention of the “Haarp Project” (the High Frequency Auroral Research Program), link. But, not, I don’t think this is a precursor of 2012.

It's useful to look at a Universal Newsreel (presumably Universal Pictures) from the 1960 Chile Earthquake on YouTube here. Back in those days, people got news, espcially of disasters, from the movies. 1960 was said to be the worst earthquake year ever. I was finishing high school then.

Attribution link for CIA map published today (unclassified) of earthquake from Wikipedia.

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