Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNN simulates "Cyber.Shockwave" and says "we were warned"

On both Saturday Feb. 20 and Sunday Feb. 21 CNN staged a mock “live event” called “We Were Warned: Cyber Shockwave” hosted by Wolf Blitzer, with numerous former US officials on a “National Security Council” panel, including Michael Cherkoff, John Negroponte (a laptop for every child) and Jamie Gorelick (from the Clinton years), sitting on a panel supposedly simulating the President's Cabinet. The incident is punctuated by updates from the fictitious network “GNN”. There were constant The fictional scenario is described as a "cyber Pearl Harbor" or "cyber 9/11".

The best link from CNN for the show right now seems to be here, which mentions a recent government simulation of a cyber attack discussed on my Internet safety blog.

The incident starts when many cell phones go out because of an (botnet) infected application. The infection spreads to the Internet as people “sync up”. Within hours, most financial transactions and blog postings on the Internet stop.

Later there a major power failures in Eastern US., with coordinated physical attacks. The country faces the idea that hospital generators could fail in some number of hours. There are questions as to whether the electric grid could be attacked from the Internet (improbable).

The question comes up as to whether the president should nationalize major industries. But you can’t operate the power grid from the White House.

The botnet attack seems to have originated from a server in Irkutsk, Russia, and was launched by an individual from Sudan.

The president is confronted with the idea as to how to tell the American people that this will not happen again, or whether they will have to live with interrupted communications and constant power outages, brought low like a third world country.

Gorelick (who sometimes had been a millstone on "don't ask don't tell" during the Clinton years) suggested that the government could use rendition if if catches the Sudanese suspect overseas. She didn't say "extreme rendition". I hope there are a lot of pie charts. (Put Jake Gyllenhaal on the panel.)

A website called “Prison Planet” called the presentation “propaganda” here.

Here is a “Russia Today” YouTube video on the recent government war game.

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