Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"The Unit" epsiode rerun examines speculative underground sale of nuclear materials from Russia to Iran

Some channels, including UPN in Washington, re-aired an important episode of David Mamet’s “The Unit” tonight, called simply “Security”.

The team gumshoes for evidence that Russia is selling nuclear materials to Iran. That would be controversial because one of the most important strategic steps in preventing a nuclear detonation from a rogue state or a non-state group (like Al Qaeda) or perhaps special cells put at work by countries like Iran or North Korea, would be to reign in on all the nuclear raw materials in the former Soviet Union. This is the aim of the group “Nuclear Threat Initiative.”

In the episode, one of the team members is not welcome because of his trips to Israel, suggesting his religion; there is a scene where a wife tells a husband that she expects to mean more to him than his “hobby”.

This particular series does bring up significant potential homeland security issues. I also discussed it on my TV reviews blog on Nov. 27, 2009.

“The CyMan” and have a four-minute film on YouTube “The Nuclear Threat is from Israel, not Iran”.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of nuclear waste canister

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