Friday, July 02, 2010

"Last Best Chance": 45 minute docudrama from Nuclear Threat Initiative demos problem of loose waste

Back in 2005, I received, upon request, a complimentary DVD of the 45-minute docudrama “Last Best Chance”, directed by Ben Goddard, from the Nuclear Threat Initiative, of which former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn is a party.

The film dramatizes terrorists trying to husband nuclear materials including HEU (which can be handled because it doesn’t emit a lot of radiation) to make rogue nuclear weapons. The DVD also includes a panel discussion led by Richard Lugar. Fajer-Al Kaisi, Dennis Arndt, Fred Dalton Thompspn and Jon Gries star, and Tom Brokaw appears as himself.

Recently, there have been a few television shows or episodes discussed here dealing with sudden nuclear threats, so I thought it would be good to give the link for the film here.

Graham Allison talks about the threat on ABC in this YouTube video two months ago, about a summit called by the president. He proposes not just “mutually assured destruction” but “mutually assured detection”. The entire notion of globalization and urban civilization as we know it could be destroyed by a single nuclear blast. (The same concern has developed more recently for EMP.)

Wikipedia attribution link for Vitrification picture here.

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