Thursday, October 07, 2010

"Digital Age" YouTube interviews look at Cybersecurity and WMD's

James D. Zirin interviews Adam Segal (Senior Fellow, China Studies in Foreign Relations) in “Digital Age: How Ready Are We For a Cyber War?”, as posted by Goodaletv, Feb. 2010. Most of the discussion concerns China and the suspicions that it was behind numerous security breaches at American companies and government agencies, particularly in the summer of 2009. The question comes up as to whether Chinese hackers would sell out to Al Qaeda under the table to attack American infrastructure like the power grid, but that is easier said than done.

On the related items on the YouTube page, there is another video of about the same length in the Digital Age series. James C. Goodale, former Vice Chairman of the New York Times, interviews Michael Sheehan of Lexington Security Group and former Deputy Commissioner of Security for New York City, in a 26 minute clip: “Are We Winng the War on Terrorism?” Goodale reviews all the major government policy initiatives to prevent Al Qaeda from launching major attacks, particularly with WMD’s, and suggests that Al Qaeda is probably too decentralized to carry something like that out now. But it is very difficult to stop the lone actor attack attempts like those on Christmas Day (or last May).

On the same page there is a 10 minute “World at Risk Conference on WMD’s” (10 min) from Feb. 2009

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