Sunday, January 09, 2011

YouTube has some videos on how homeowners can make their own Faraday Cages

"EMP/Solar Storm and Faraday Cage, How to Make, Maybe", is a Youtube video, from OBXSOLWIND, is a ten minute YouTube video, typical of what one finds for “Faraday Cage”. The owner, an engineer, shoes his system near the North Carolina Coast. He says, don’t put things in straight lines, and ground everything properly. He says his system of “containerizing” his electrical system (off his solar panels) is not expensive if you can do your own work. And he says he won’t show everything.

Very little has appeared in the popular media so far about what homeowners could do to protect their own electronics from a Carrington-style coronal mass ejection (solar storm) or possibly an EMP attack, on the ground or from a high altitude nuclear blast.

(User has apparently replaced the video with this new one [12/2011]):

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of a Dutch Faraday Cage room. Looks like it belongs in a black-and-white film noir!

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