Thursday, April 21, 2011

YouTube videos from Russia claim to show real "aliens", aka Roswell

“Aliensweb” has some intriguing YouTube videos, some with translation from Russian, “Dead Alien Found in UFO Hotspot in Russia”  and also (on the right column)  “Alien Filmed Live on TV in UFO Hotpsot”.  That’s Russian TV.  That second video has an amorphous form sneaking up on the speaker. Paranormal activity.

The first film reminds me of the Roswell "alien autopsy" often shown on cable in the 1990s. 

A “UFO Hotspot” is not a wireless hotspot.

I suppose the Hollywood movie that comes closest is the remake of H.G. Wells's story “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning in 2005 from Steven Speilberg and Paramount.  Unfortunately, it was shot “flat” (without Cinemascope, even though the previews had been shown “with”). The premise that ordinary Earth germs would end the battle is valid. The film really has an impressive beginning with the invasion – as convincing as “Skyline” or “Battle LA”.

I still think that if an alien invasion ever happened, it would start with an EMP blast at high altitude. Scenarios like “The Event” on NBC sound very improbable.  Sofia, however, is a convincing “villainess”. 

Pictures (above, below): If extraterrestrials invaded our discos, we would be too sinful to notice. They would blend in, or seem like the Stars to dance with.  (Don't worry about #1; it's "artificial".)

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