Friday, May 06, 2011

ABC 20-20 airs "documentary" tracing how Osama bin Laden was taken out

Kill Shot: The Story Behind Bin Laden’s Death” aired tonight on ABC 20/20 as the closest thing yet to a “movie” about the “hit” Sunday night on Osama bin Laden. (Yup, it answers Morgan Spurlock's "Where in the WORLD is Osama bin Laden" as well as Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11".

The report comprised a series of short clips, including an animated recreation of the “event”. The only “firefight” happened on the first floor, and Admiral McCraven led the raid from the Pentagon by radio (or high speed wireless satellite Internet, in a sense).  ABC included a report on the use of dogs, equipped with high tech gear and even replacement titanium tooth implants in some cases. The bonding with canines is part of Seals and Special Ops “unit cohesion”.

The ABC report also examined how well movies have approximated raids like this, and Ridley Scott’s “Black Hawk Down” from Columbia (with Josh Hartnett as the gentle Sgt. Eversmann) in 2001 comes about as close as any.

ABC also offers a 1998 interview with bin Laden, where he warns that his “fatwa” will not distinguish between civilians and uniformed personnel.

The reports mention that the current Al Qaeda "plans" seemed motivated by "Atlas Shrugged" with threats against the rails (remember the bridge and gorge scene in that movie?) 

Nightline reports that there was a secret CIA safehouse in Abbottabad.  Osama was called “The Pacer”.

An interesting aspect of all this was how personnel estimated bin Laden’s height, to help verify his identity.
It appears that Osama bin Laden was actually shot at about 2 AM Monday May 2 Pakastani time (source I believe that was 5 PM Sunday afternoon EDT in Washington DC.

The Nightline report showed the White House “jubilation” at the time.

Another description link for ABC’s materials is here

Wikipedia attribution link for CIA aerial photo of Bin Laden compound. 

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