Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"Liberty Is Not Given" offers "common sense" video on solar storms and space weather

“Liberty Is Not Given” has a 6 minute YouTube video “2012 Doomsday #1: Solar Flares”. The video says that solar flares and coronal mass ejections are not the same things (without clear definitions). It says that CME’s and flares can happen at any time, not just necessarily during maximum solar activity.  It discounted the idea that a 1859-style Carrington-like event could cause enormous long-term power failures.

However, it’s clear that utilities should be hardening their substations and grids from natural disasters, including huge lightning strikes, fires, and solar events, as well as (in coastal areas) tsunamis.

And in the mean time, our political system debates debt as a purely financial matter, without regard to the possibility of sudden shocks to our infrastructure. 

The video recommends a site called “Daily Common Sense”, link

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of coronal mass ejection. 

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