Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Discovery video with Samuel L. Jackson enumerates the ways the world could end; Supervolcano in Yellowstone singled out

MSN today is promoting a Discovery Channel “Curiosity” video narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, “World’s End”, with a focus on the Mayan date of Dec. 21, 2012, and then a recognition that scientists believe there are five particular disasters that are most likely to eventually recur.

They are (1) a hypercane or super storm (2) a mega quake (3) a supervolcano (4) a mega tsunami, like Cumbre Vieja in the eastern Atlantic, or (5) an asteroid or comet.

The only direct URL seems to be this

A second video, “Looming Disaster”, documents how Yellowstone could blow up with a supervolcano, starting with earthquakes, followed by multiple volcanic eruptions, leading to one big super eruption, that kills 90% of the population in western US.

Then with the one-minute “Do Parallel Universes Exist?” Morgan Freeman examines the possibility that each of us has multiple copies in other universes with different outcomes.

Wikipedia attribution link for map of history of Yellowstone super-eruptions  

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