Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fox "Terra Nova" episode maintains that a meteor could cause EMP damage to electronics; in 2005, a young couple films a meteor hit near Seattle and then disappears

Last night, an episode of “Terra Nova” on Fox (TV blog, Sept. 26, 2011) featured a meteor hit with an EMP effect on the “colony”, knocking out most chips and electronics in the compound.

The episode was titled “Nightfall”.

I wasn’t aware that a meteor could affect electronics with its blast.  Of course, a meteor might contain a lot of magnetizable iron. According to a wiki networkdictionary article, this effect is actually possible, (website url) link

In the episode, a middle-aged “techie” was able to repair one chip, and regenerate all the other chips used by the compound.  This sounds very unlikely.  

The concern might seem timely since an asteroid will pass by earth today at about 6:30 PM EDT, at a distance of about 200,000 miles.  No one has suggested that there is any danger to electronics.

An alien or extraterrestrial attack really could start with a high-altitude EMP blast, however. 

Fox’s link for the episode (requires subscription) is here.

Here’s a YouTube video (4 min) made by Scott Pendleton and fiancé Jen Fox on Feb. 14, 2005, when I videotaped a meteor crash, were “attacked” and disappeared (or “went up”).    A pretty good horror short.  Apparently this occurred near Tacoma, WA.  The title of the film is “Case Tape 347”, posted by Paxton10, who says that the couple is still "missing".  Is the couple pulling our leg? It's pretty effective low-budget horror filmmaking; ought to enter it into a short film contest. 

Picture: Autumn light; note the UFO in the picture. 

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