Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More videos on coronal mass ejections

There are a number of YouTube videos warning about solar flares and coronal mass ejections in 2012 (they're not quite the same things). This one "Something Disturbing: Solar Storms Flares 2012", from BlackCatSaloon is interesting, even if it shows mostly scientific and NAS/NASA articles.

The video points out that the reach of an ejection expands as it moves further from the Sun, and the speaker notes, "it's surprising that we don't get hit more often".  There is also work that suggests that sometimes the Earth's magnetic field has weak spots.

The speaker recommends building Faraday Cages at home to protect electronics (as in the film "The Darkest Hour" Monday).

The Sun's activity is expected to increase in 2012.

Another video says that the Carrington Solar Storm in September 1859 actually set grass and paper on fire, and could cause wild fires now.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of naval ship testing EMP warfare (I think in FL).

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