Saturday, January 14, 2012

Local Washington DC area police department offers video on warning signs for terrorism

The Montgomery County Police Department (from Maryland) offers a seven minute video, narrated by  police chief Thomas Manger, “The Seven Sings of Terrorism”, in the middle of the page at this link.
The link will open a new window, and Windows 7 or Vista will request permission to run a new application to show the video.   This is not a typical format like YouTube.

The seven signs include noticing unusual surveillance, or “elicitation”, people asking unusual questions or taking photography in an unusual manner about potentially sensitive locations.  It also mentions unusual purchases of supplies (such as raw materials for weapons). 

The video does not discuss cyber threats.  But they are worth noting.  For example, most people know about “Nigerian scams” and phishing attacks.  But bloggers and journalists should be alert if they receive unsolicited information (by email or maybe social media) that does not seem like spam and seems totally inappropriate or “steganogrphic”, as an invitation to meet someone in an overseas location or a domestic location that one has no intention of visiting.

 (This has happened before, and I have reported this.)

The MCPD link is here

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