Friday, February 03, 2012

More videos appear on H5N1 and the controversial Erasmus Experiment

There are a few credible videos on YouTube now about Ron Fouchier (website url bio) and his experiments at the Ersasmus Medical Center in making an H5N1-like virus that can be transmitted among mammals (ferrets) after transmission from birds or poultry.

One link, "H5N1Virus Can Kill Half of the Human Population"  from mrgreen416 is here (5 minutes), link, mostly still photographs and lecture.   The main controversy now is full or partial (redacted) publication of the methodology and results of the experiment.

NusuralUSA has a 22 minute film, 8 months old, “H5N1: The Next Pandemic?”  in two parts.

The first part starts in 1997 and covers the basic paradox: people in developing countries live close to the land in what we now think of as a sustainable model, but because of their mixture of people and animals, they present a risk of incubating and cross-pollinating new diseases – which can then spread to the modern world through air travel.

The second part covers a mini-pandemic in Vietnam starting in 2004. 

The film covers the point that bird flu has not been able to sustain a chain of transmission among mammals for long (which is why the Erasmus Experiment above, creating such a virus that terrorists could exploit, is so controversial).

The film was produced with the help of the FBI and Homeland Security, according to end credits.

One question: why are we dragging our feet on vaccine development?