Friday, June 15, 2012

NBC's "Revolution" in Fall 2012 apparently anticipates an electromagnetic pulse attack

A site called Ecorazzi has a four-minute trailer from the Fall 2012 NBC Monday night series by J. J. Abrams called “Revolution”.  The second "o" is made to look like a computer off-switch. 

I generally don’t write reviews of trailers, but the hype that this series is getting this June (in the early summer of 2012) deserves mention.

The link is here

With only a tiny amount of advanced notice, all the electricity in the world goes out, and society breaks down into militia ruled by warlords as the story picks up fifteen years later.  Well, maybe a few people do have electricity.  There’s a scene where a girl tries to conscript a young man into some rescue effort “because we’re family” and he says, “But I hardly know you.”

The look of the series reminds me of “Life After People.” 

It’s more interesting to show how something like this happens than to show the aftermath months or years later (as in “Falling Skies”).

This sounds like the result of a high-altitude EMP blast, from a terrorist, enemy (like Iran or North Korea), or possibly extraterrestrials (that’s the first thing hostile aliens would do).  A solar storm wouldn’t cause planes to fall out of the sky, because there would be more notice.  A really catastrophic coronal mass ejection might affect electronic ignition of some cars.  Smaller, locally effective EMP’s from microwaves are possible, and weapons to do this belong to the US Army and have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A blog called “The Foundry” by a conservative group  has a posting (by Michaela Bendiva) titled “NBC’s ‘Revolution’ shows life after an electromagnetic pulse attack” (link) and goes on to castigate power companies for not hardening the grid. I agree with Heritage on that point.  Why are we so complacent?

In the early fall of 2001, Popular Science magazine warned about microwave EMP machines as weapons (just before 9/11). Later, in 2001, the film "Oceans 11" showed a local EMP outage in Las Vegas (as the thieves go about their smash-grab job), but then the lights came back on, which they wouldn't.  The Strip would really be toast for a long time. 

It's ironic that you need media to watch the series, that predicts the end of media.  All that is left is "People".  And music.  A Steinway piano doesn't need electricity.  Does that suggest a plot thread? 

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connan said...

The idea that the world would come to an end with an electromagnetic pulse would not be that far off from the truth if this happened all around the world. I love watching action movies that involve the world coming to an end, and the show "Revolution" sounds like something I would like. I will not be home on Monday nights to catch the shows first airing, so it’s a good thing that I have the Hopper. My Hopper automatically records all of my prime time shows that come on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC everyday in HD. A few weeks ago one of my Dish co-workers called to tell me that I can now skip all of my recorded commercials on the prime time shows that come on these four networks with one click of a button using the Auto Hop feature!