Thursday, June 14, 2012

Was the world before Noah's flood "high-tech"?

A Judged Creation: High-Tech Society Before Noah’s Flood” , by Billy Crone, March 2011, at Niagara Frontier Bible Church (New York State?),  is on YouTube in two parts.

The “sermon”, with many embedded slides and videos, documents some evidence of technological advances in societies before the Flood.  Some of the evidence includes a mechanical supercomputer, batteries that could generate electricity, and a lot of material about coal (as if mountaintop removal were practiced in ancient societies).

We could do without the “obvious” fundamentalist message (and creationism), to be intrigued by the idea that an advanced civilization came to civilization and that individual citizens may have been too “smart” for their own specific good.

In part 2, he mentions the Kensington Stone in Minnesota, which I believe I have seen.  He then shows many complex underwater city ruins, such as off the coast of Cuba and India.  There is a History Channel excerpt showing impressive underwater ruins off SE Japan.

Some of the examples could be compared to the Discovery Film “City Beneath the Waves: Pavlopetri”, off the coast of Greece, reviewed on the TV blog June 3, 2012.

Just a reminder: we really can fail.

Links are, Part 1, and Part 2, total of about 84 minutes.

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