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Open Minds interview of Travis Walton (1975 UFO abductee) compares his account to "Fire in the Sky"

I stumbled across some YouTube videos of a 57 year old Travis Walton describing, with articulation, his abduction on Nov. 5, 1975 by a UFO from a group of other loggers on a forest road about the Mogollon Rim near Snowflake, AZ. 

The most detailed interview that I could find is with native American host Alejandro Rojas of Open Minds Radio, the interview ("Travis Walton Discusses his Abduction Experience") taken on Jan.  3, 2011. The link for OMR is here

The first thirty minutes of the 90 minute “film” have him discussing other UFO-related issues, including a discussion with someone from SETI claiming that red dwarf star Gliese (about 20 light years from Earth) seems to have at least two planets (however tidally locked) within its Goldilocks zone. Walton talks for the remaining hour (sometimes is voice is very low and hard to hear).

Walton’s account is quite vivid (and it tracks to Wikipedia, here

Walton says the evening sky was illuminated oddly around 6 PM (after dark that time of year).  The video simulates the illumination. The crew thought that the light might becoming from flares from hunters.

Walton says he was struck by a bluish bolt (rather like ball lightning) and woke up feeling very weak on a gurney on the craft, with medical gear attached to his head and chest.  He describes seeing “people” looking the “the Grays” before being taken to an indoor hangar where he would encounter a few “normal” humans who tried to continue the medical experiments.

The most interesting fact is that Walton was gone for five days, but returned to Earth on a road near Heber AZ five days later.  Search parties had found no evidence of him, although I recall claims at the time that there was someone he knew that he could have stayed with.  Nevertheless, it would be rather incredible that the entire logging team would have been in on a prank.  All passed the polygraph tests, and Walton’s medical tests were normal (no drugs).  Walton did not have the bruises that might have resulted from the initial trauma of the encounter.  No one has mentioned whether any of the alien medical tests left significant changes on his body (like hair removal).

Walton says that the real account is quite different from the Hollywood account directed by Robert Liberman for Paramount in 1993, “Fire in the Sky”, written by Tracy Torme, based on Travis Walton’s own book, where Walton was played by D.B. Sweeney.  I saw that in Pentagon City in 1993 when it had a theater complex (I don’t know why it didn’t do well enough to stay open).  The film was a bit hokey as I recall.
I did make a rental car vacation trip to northern Arizona in December 1975, talked to a journalist in Heber myself (he believed the story), and then went to Dan Fry’s Understanding “Saucer City” near Tonopah AZ for the first time.  (It’s no longer there, now a cotton plantation, last visit in 2000.)  I saw one large object over the sky in the Mogollon area on that trip, and in 1978 (at an Understanding “convention” called “Man in Space”) a lot of us saw a triangular object with flickering red and green lights in the sky for about an hour.  Would a chopper hover that long?

Other films about abduction cases include “Roswell” (1994, dir. Jeremy Kagan, with Kyle McLauchin (who else?), Paramount) and “The UFO Incident” (1975), about Betty and Barney Hill.  

Would Walton's story make a good Dateline investigative report now?

Is it just possible that there is a civilization in the Gliese star system that has overcoming tidal locking (probably seeded from elsewhere, as in Ridley Scott's "Prometheus") and is capable of the 20-light-year journey? Could a "hangar" really exist somewhere else in our solar system, an hour or so at the speed of light away? One of my own screenplays is "69 Minutes to Titan".  

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