Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some PBS stations air "September's Children": in NYC after 9/11, Afghanistan, Gaza

On July 17, Howard University PBS station WHUT aired the one hour film “September’s Children”, narrated by Judy Woodruf.

The film covered on the efforts to protect and guide fifth graders at a public school (234) near the World Trade Center site on 9/11.  Many of them saw or heard the planes hit and towers fall.  The kids were taken to a different PS, and it took some time for all the parents to arrive to pick them up.  Teachers faced the daunting task of explaining to elementary school kids why the attacks had happened.  At the end of the film, in June 2002, the class graduates to middle school in a world with a “new normal”.

Later the film moved to Afghanistan, and covered the way families in areas ravaged by the Taliban had children and tried to educate them in secret.   There had been no schools at all in many areas, not even for men.

The film also covered conditions in Gaza, and a teenage boy with multiple shrapnel wounds. The boy says he has no desires and lives every day for the present.

Georgia Public Television has a link for the film here.

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