Saturday, September 08, 2012

Solar Storm: entertainment gets in the way of the serious message about solar coronal mass ejections (Can the sun "attack" us?

The 2006 film “Solar Attack” (also called “Solar Strike” and maybe "Solar Storm") from Lionsgate and CineTeleFilms (Canada), and director Paul Ziller, seems like an overdone attempt to warn – that is, entertain – audiences with the threat from solar coronal mass ejections.

The film maintains that increased methane in the atmosphere (from global warming) makes the upper atmosphere vulnerable to spontaneous combustion when the CME penetrates through the ozone layer. 
There is also a private probe, the Galileo (not to be confused with NASA’s), which gets destroyed by the CME, with pieces falling onto downtown Detroit (aka Toronto, probably).

The cure is worse than the disease, perhaps.   A nuclear explosion near the North Pole is supposed to put out the fire.  Wouldn’t it also generate an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over much of the northern half of the world?  EMP does get mentioned near the end, in connection with geo-politics with post-Soviet Russian subs.   

Lou Gossett Jr. is not too convincing as President Ryan Gordon (aka Barack Obama).

What seems needed is a serious documentary film on this subject: just how much danger is the power grid under from larger (Carrington style) coronal mass ejections.  

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