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"Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11": short film and then many interviews

The“short film titled “Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11”,  (2004, 35 min) directed by Stephen Marshall, from GNN (the Guerilla News Network) and the Disinformation Company, starts with George Soros talking about democracy, and then moves on to hip hop star Paris. Asking “eleven unanswered questions”.

The first point made regarded an attack in the Middle East on Sept. 12, 1975.

Some of the questions are like, “What did the Bush Administration know and when?”.  Like Thompson’s film, this film points out that Bush had special security for the G-8 summit and must have had specific warnings. 

Another question is why couldn’t the US military intercept the planes?  This movie mentions a timeline book by Nafeez.

Michel Chossudovsky in Canada reports that the CIA had a long standing relationship with the Taliban and bin Laden earlier in the 90s;  Al Qaeda was “used” as an intermediary, as was the Pakistani ISI (general Ahmed, who authorized a wire transfer to Mohammed Atta). He later says “war criminals call the shots to define who are criminals”.

The film then goes on to suggest that Bush wanted a war in Central Asia (to secure oil supplies).

They make a comparison to Hitler’s blowing up his own Recihtag as a pretext for martial law.
It then mentions the Northwoods Document (part of James Bamford’s “Body of Secrets”).

The film then explains how the USA Patriot Act of October 2001 created a new crime of domestic terrorism.   This, the film says, would have made Martin Luther King a domestic terrorist.  The Patriot Act allowed the designation of civilians as enemy combatants, to be held without due process rights. 

A website for the form is “”.  The film ends with a warning, “Run your own lives or someone else is going to run it for you.”

There is additional interview footage on the DVD (such as John Judge and Paul Revere) to support the idea that inviting an attack could produce social hegemony, and a breakdown of the posse comitatus doctrine (with “frontier justice”) with military “tribunals”.  There is the viewpoint that the 9/11 incident was contrived to quash dissent and promote a fascist view.

AfterMath does a panel at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco on April 21, 2003. There is a lot of discussion of peak oil and overpopulation; both ideas have shifted since this film was made.  Now, natural gas is changing the concept of peak oil.  One speaker notes that Bush choked over pronouncing the word “fascism” but not communism and militarism.  I never knew that Ralph Reid had been on the payroll of Enron before the 2000 election (the Bush “steal”). 

This is a DVD where the extras run much longer than the base film. 
I think I saw a feature-length version of this film in 2004 at the Avalon Theater in Washington DC, but the rental DVD is quite differently organized.  

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