Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Air Collision" is not exactly a dire warning about solar flares

Given that NASA is reporting on a huge new sunspot, and not much progress has occurred in debating securing the power grid against space weather, another film about the possible effects of a coronal mass ejection or a “solar flare” (not quite the same) would be welcome.

I rented “Air Collision” (2012, dir. Liz Adams, Asylum Films), which is predicated on the idea that a solar storm knocks out all electromagnetic communications.  But this C-movie just gets plain silly.  Satellites fall out of the sky as if they were meteorites or broken asteroids and destroy cities, and then a passenger airline winds up in a collision course with Air Force One (itself another movie, 1997, Wolfgang Petersen).  Then really silly moral dilemmas occur on the passenger plane.

My father would have said, “this is only a movie.”  But a good documentary on the dangers of space weather seems very much in need.
The official Facebook is here.

The film can be rented on YouTiube for $3.99.
Newt Gingrich would not be impressed by this film. 

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