Monday, April 08, 2013

"Virus X": prescient (by over a year) of H1N1; maybe it should have worked on H7N9 instead

In recent days, medical authorities have become concerned about a new bird flu, H7N9 in China, speculating what happens it if becomes transmissible person-to-person and comes to the US by one infected passenger.
In fact, H1N1, or swine flu, appeared suddenly in Mexico in 2011, but came under control relatively easily. 

But the film “Virus X” was apparently made before H1N1 became pandemic, but was already known and somewhat feared (maybe as even more dangerous than bird flu).  The film has a “Saw” setup,  where a few scientists find themselves in quarantine with three days to live, watched by a mysterious white-haired golem.   

 The virus seems to have been manipulated to involve the immune system, but the visible effects in the movie are more like that of Ebola. 

The original project was supposed to be to make a “genetic” rather than “live” virus vaccine that could work against everything.  That concept led Dr, Gravaman (Joe Zaso) and investor Danita Herrington (Sybil Danning) to set up the experiment.

When a handsome Malcom (Jai Day, one of the handsomest actors in the world) joins the project, he quickly becomes suspicious of Gravaman’s motives, and then finds the quintet trapped.  It seems that he remains a bit unscathed for the circumstances (such male perfection must not be desecrated); but the others start to bleed out and liquefy.

Another issue is what kind of world they could escape to.  Apparently not much is left of it anyway. Even if they made a perfect vaccine, it might be too late.  This is one of those movies where there are just hours left until "self-destruct".  Remember "Project Wildfire" from "The Andromeda Strain"?  Please, no "body analysis" need be done here.

The film seems a bit frenetic and silly given the seriousness of the subject.  But this is genre horror, distributed as art of Lionsgate's "films to die for", 

By the way, is "Jai" usually an Australian first name (like Jai Courtney)?

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