Thursday, April 04, 2013

YouTube videos speculate on North Korean EMP and "radiation dispersion" threats

A brain the size of Paul Giamatti's chickpea ("Cold Souls") can figure out that the biggest practical threat from North Korea right now, to South Korea, Japan, or maybe even the US mainland doesn't come from a missile launch, but from a terror weapon like a dirty bomb or a smaller EMP device (which doesn't require nuclear detonation). There are a number of "amateur" or mashup or mixage videos on YouTube now to make these points.  

MoxNews has an excerpt from a CNN interview with George Little of March 28, 2013, titled bluntly, “What happens if North Korea explodes a dirty bomb in Times Square?”  The link is here.  Actually, this possibility existed throughout the entire Cold War.  

Of course, we saw discussions speculations like this ten years ago after 9/11 about Al Qaeda.  The film “Red Dawn II”, reviewed here Nov. 22, presents an EMP scenario from North Korea in the Pacific Northwest, and the film “Olympus Has Fallen” (reviewed on the Movies blog, March 22) presents a North Korean (mercenary) conventional assault on the White House in Washington DC.  I think the latter really is impossible.
Mark Dice has an eleven minute video “Calm Down”, subtitled, “North Korea threatens to nuke Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Austin Texas”, link here.  Dice, however, goes off on a survivalist, doomsday prepper mentality anyway.  He talks about how a patient who had drank a “nuclear milkshake” at a hospital tripped up a detector in the NYC subway.
"DAHBOO77" has a ten minute video published April 1, 2013, warning of official concern about the North Korean missile launch last December containing and EMP device.  Is this an April Fool’s joke?  The link us here.  It points to an article by Michael Maloof, author of “A Nation Forsaken: EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe”, published by WND Books in January 2013 (check Amazon, with a review mentioning Newt Gingrich and Roscoe Bartlett).
There are a number of “amateurish” YouTube videos out there on this possibility (especially coming from Iran and North Korea) dated within the past six months. 
The longest (45 min) is by American Free Press “EMP Attack on the Horizon?”, published Nov. 18, 2012, link here.   But it has only one picture for the entire length of audio, 
There’s another video by Bobby Powell (his blog is on Blogger here) , “The Truth Is Viral”, 11 minutes.  But this video is more concerned about Iran and Syria, from Oct. 2012.

One thing is scary:  North Korea is making unusually bellicose threats, even for that country. If it does nothing right now, then the threats become meaningless quickly.

There are various YouTube videos which analyze the recovery time (months) if a large area of the country were hit by an EMP high altitude blast, even launched from a ship.  The conceptual problem is that a rogue state (North Korea, Iran) or asymmetric group, possibly acting in mercenary fashion from a rogue state, could possibly make repeated attacks, keeping much of the world under subjugation.  People who had grown up "spoiled" (as some of the less developed world sees it) by technology could wind up living the last decades of their lives (if they survived at all) under primitive and authoritarian conditions.  This grim possibility should not be taken lightly.  The world hasn't seen a situation quite like this in modern times (Hitler makes a comparison of course, but so do some of the exiles and conquests in the late Old Testament years).  No civilization should take its personal freedoms for granted.  One cannot afford to be smug, or insular. One should not hide in indifference. 
I suppose I could boast, "I told you so."  I surely hope not.  

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