Thursday, June 27, 2013

Katie Couric interviews Red Cross on surviving in place

Today, Katie Couric, on her ABC syndicated show, presented several wilderness survival stories, but followed up with a meeting with a Red Cross spokesperson. Sam Killie, to go over the contents of a home “go bag” and evacuation plans. 
The link for the presentation is here. It is called "The Ultimate Survival Guide". 

Every family or household should have one, he said.

He recommended having at least one crank radio, which could power cell phones and other devices.
He recommended a week of non-perishable food and water bottles.

Carry cash, and essential personal documents or copies (live driver’s license, ownership documents, especially insurance documents).

The biggest issue is that many people don’t have a survival plan at all.

A serious issue for people is loss of work or personal materials, the labor or effort associated with it not being insurable (see the “BillBoushka” blog, May 28, 2013).  Part of the strategy is to store data and some equipment in multiple locations, possibly an office, storage lockers, or safe deposit box, and in the Cloud.
In a really catastrophic emergency, insurance may not be effective at first, and people really will be in the same boat, equalized, forced to start over.  Could all the mechanisms of our civilization fail, as with an EMP attack (short of a nuclear attack), an asteroid hit, a super tsunami (as on the East Coast from the Canary Island Cunbre Vieja volcanco avalanche, etc).  This sort of possibility makes an issue out of “social capital”. 

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